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Boost Your WebForm Productivity with our New Expression Builder Features

Nicolas Damonte, and Kalyn Chang

We're introducing several new Oracle Integration improvements we hope will markedly boost your web form expression productivity.

These enhancements are an example of our ongoing efforts to address your feedback!

Expression Editor Redesign 

We've redesigned the form expression editor to make it easier to build and keep track of event logic. The expression editor content is now cleaner, more compact, and easier to understand. Many of the changes were made in response to feedback from customers and the User Assistance team. For example, function variables are now aligned, and expression summaries are now clearly differentiated from input fields. 

Before example: 

After example: 

New Expression Builder Layout

To see the new expression editor in action simply follow these steps:

1. Open a Form.

2. Add an Input Text control to the Form canvas.

3. Click on the Input Text.

4. Add any event from the General Properties panel.

5. Click the Edit icon next to the Event to open the expression editor. 

6. Start exploring! Try adding different types of blocks such as Actions, Ifs, loops, Connectors, Filters, and Reusable Snippets. 


Reusable Snippets

Reusable Snippets allow users to extract and name a group of blocks (Actions, Ifs, Loops, Connectors, and Filters) and use that group of blocks in other Events in their Form Presentation. This feature saves users from having to recreate the same event logic over and over again. Instead, users can create a reusable snippet and use it wherever they want to implement the same logic. Moreover, users can manage their reusable snippets in a central location. If users want to make changes to a reusable snippet, they can modify the master copy and their changes will be reflected wherever the reusable snipped is used. To learn how to use reusable snippets, follow the steps below for extracting, using, and managing reusable snippets.

Extracting Reusable Snippets

Let's pick up right after step 6 from the Expression Editor Redesign steps. If you haven't followed those steps already, go ahead and follow them now. 

7. Make sure you have added at least one block to your expression editor. Click the Extract Snippet button in the top right-hand corner. 

8. Give your Reusable Snippet a name if you want. There is already a default name provided. 

9. Select the blocks you want to extract by using the toggles on the right-hand side of the blocks. 

10. Click the OK button in the top right corner to finish extracting your Reusable Snippet. 

11. Click the OK button in the bottom right corner to save and close the dialog. 

Next, let's learn how to use Reusable Snippets. 

12. Add a new event. You can add it to the same control if you wish. 

13. Open the expression editor for the new event.

14. Click the + Reusable Snippet button from the bottom toolbar of the expression editor dialog.

15. In the Reusable Snippet dropdown, you will see all the Reusable Snippets you have created. Select one to use in your event, and you will see the event logic in read-only mode. 

16. Click OK and close the dialog. 

Note: You can also detach a Reusable Snippet if you no longer want the changes to the master copy of the Reusable Snippet to be reflected wherever the reusable snippet is used. To detach, click the Detach icon (the very left square icon of the four icons in the top right of the Reusable Snippet block). If you detach a Reusable Snippet the blocks inside will be like any other blocks in your event, and you will be able to edit them. 

Managing Reusable Snippets  

Manage Reusable Snippets

Finally, let's learn how to manage Reusable Snippets. 

17. Go to the Presentation properties panel. You will see a list of all the Reusable Snippets in your Presentation. From here you can create new Reusable Snippets, edit existing Reusable Snippets, and "delete" Reusable Snippets. Deleting will detach all instances of a Reusable Snippet in your events. 

18. Click the Edit icon next to the Reusable Snippet name to open the Configure Reusable Snippet Dialog. In this dialog, you can rename your Reusable Snippet and edit the event logic of your snippet. Remember that updating a reusable snippet here updates it wherever it's used in your events.

Congratulations! You now know how to work with reusable snippets in your process application forms!

See https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/integration-cloud/user-processes/create-web-forms.html for more info!


Credits:  Kalyn Chang, Nicolas Laplume, and Carolina Arce Terceros






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