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Reactivate All Integrations Together that Use the Same Connection

Shubham Agrawal
Technical Lead

This blog is for a new feature coming out in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) February 2021 release. This blog covers the issue of applying the changed connection properties to the active integrations.

A connection can be used by multiple integration. If connection is updated then Active integrations don't reflect until they are re-activated. After updating the connection, user currently has to manually go to each integration and re-activate to reflect the updated connection. As an Oracle Integration Cloud user after connection update, user should be able to reactivate all the active integration which are using the same connection.

What does it cover

Users can reactivate the associated integrations for the connection they are trying to update.

User only need to reactivate the integrations if they change connection properties, it does not apply if only primary info is changed, as that would not impact the running integrations.

Now, we can simply reactivate all the associated integrations with a single click, and it will restore the active integrations to its original state (like retain if tracing need to be enabled). 


Key Features

Users have option to immediately reactivate the integrations after save or update all the associated resources required to be updated before updating the associated active integrations.

  • User can reactivate integrations along with save with a single button click. To make sure that reactivate works, user should test connection after changing the metadata or credentials of connection.

Save & reactivate integrations

  • Users can also directly reactivate the integration from used by link in header bar. It shows the number of integrations in use for the connection. User can click on it and see the list of active/inactive integrations.

Used by integrations

Reactivate integrations drawer


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  • Cecilia Ratto Friday, January 29, 2021
    Excellent news!
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