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August 2020 Update & New Release Cycle

Antony Reynolds
Senior Director Integration Strategy

Well it is update time again, and we have new features for you and a new release cycle. New features include a New Home Page, Data Stitch and new Adapters. The new release cycle will provide a more predictable update for your instances.

Release Cycle

We are introducing a new release cycle into Oracle Integration. We will be releasing new functionality every 3 months, in February, May, August and November. We are doing this to make it easier for customers to know when their instances will be updated and what new features they will be getting. We chose February, May, August and November because these are the months most Fusion Apps customers update their Fusion Apps instances. We will be doing additional releases to provide security patches to our platform but we will generally not be providing new functionality except at the quarterly update.

We are working with OCI customer notification services to improve our ability to warn you of updates ahead of time. We are sending emails and adding notifications in the OCI console. We know that emails get lost because our inboxes are too full, or the addressee has left the company, in addition a lot of customers always go direct to the OIC console. To accommodate mis-routed or overlooked emails and to support customers who rarely go into the OCI console we are working on enhancements to OIC console to provide information about upcoming or recently completed updates. This in-OIC notification will not be available for the August release but will be in a future release.

New Features

There are several new features in the August release.

New Home Page

When you log into an Oracle Integration instance, the first page you see is the OIC Home Page. This page helps you navigate to the areas of the product you need, provides relevant metrics and status and shows your current tasks and actions. We have redesigned the Home Page for Generation 2 instances to provide the most relevant information as well as to expose new functionality in the product. Read more about it in this blog by my colleague Michael Meiner.

Data Stitch

Customers often need to manipulate an existing message. The Map activity replaces the target message with a new message, this does not allow us to accumulate results for example. The new Data Stitch will allow us to iteratively update a message. There are a number of blogs available for you to get a preview of what is coming:

Mapper Enhancement

Many application schemas define their interfaces with extremely cryptic technical names that are not easy to correlate to the user-friendly display names you would see in the end point application's UI.
The new friendly names feature in the mapper provides the option to show display label instead of the technical name directly in the trees and expression builder.  You can read more about it here:

Map My Data is Deprecated

When ICS was released, we had a simple integration style called Map My Data that supported a single source and target. Over time we have seen customers demand more and more complex features that we provide through the Orchestration styles. We are now deprecating the Map My Data style and providing a tool to migrate your existing Map My Data patterns into Orchestrations so you can take advantage of all the features of Orchestration style. You can read more here:

Integration Properties

There are often magic numbers or strings in our integrations that represent configuration items such as filenames & locations or email addresses. The new Integration properties capability allows the developer to define these constants as properties that can subsequently be edited directly from the integration menu without having to find them in maps or expression editors. You can read more about it here:

Adapter Updates

The following new adapters or updates to adapters will be part of this release and can be read about in Oracle Integration Connectivity Updates August 2020:

  • New Adapters
    • OCI Streaming Service Adapter    
    • Paypal Adapter
  • Adapters with Enhanced features 
    • Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Adapter Bulk Export Support
    • File Adapter Improvements
    • REST Adapter: Consumption of OpenAPI
    • Salesforce Adapter: Consumption of Apex for custom business logic
    • SAP Commerce Cloud customization support
    • Shopify Adapter Improvements

B2B Update

As part of providing improved B2B capability in OIC we have added support for the AS2 transport protocol. AS2 is a key transport protocol that is very popular worldwide read all about it in this blog:

Released Since Last Major Update

Although not strictly part of the August release, we have in recent weeks announced the availability of some key new features in Oracle Integration. File Server avoids the need for you to have a separate SFTP server in the cloud by providing one with OIC. Insight provides your business leaders with real time visibility of the transactions flowing through their systems. You may want to re-read the announcements for these services:


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