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A Simple Guide to Connect to a Private FTP Server using FTP adapter

You can now integrate with an FTP server even when it is in private network and not accessible publicly. This is made possible with the latest feature where a Connectivity Agent can be configured to be used with the FTP adapter.

The FTP adapter supports connectivity to:

  • FTP/SFTP hosted on-premise - through a connectivity agent
  • FTP/SFTP hosted on cloud - without a connectivity agent, as before

Connection Properties:

Provide connection property values:

Enter the FTP/SFTP host address and port

If using a secure FTP server, then select Yes for 'SFTP Connection' else select No.


Please select one of the security policy

FTP Server Access Policy : for username/password authentication.

FTP Public Key Authentication : as the name suggests, for Public Key authentication.

FTP Multi Level Authentication : i.e, to authenticate using both username/password and public key.

Configure Connectivity Agents:

In case the FTP server is not directly accessible from Oracle Integration, for eg. if its on-premise, or behind a firewall, a Connectivity Agent needs to be configured for this connection. This can be done using the 'Configure Agents' section. 

However, Connectivity Agent may not be required when the FTP server is publicly accessible.

To know more about Connectivity Agent, check out these:


File size support in FTP adapter with agent
1) With Schema - If using schema for transformation, then the file size limit is 10 MB
2) Without schema - The file size limit is 1 GB.

For example, Download File operation does not support schema, and can send  a file up to 1 GB. This may take time considering the network latency between Connectivity Agent and OIC.

Limitations when the FTP adapter is configured with the connectivity agent:
PGP encryption/decryption.

Unzip during Download File operation.

You could use the stage activity if needed, for these purposes.

FTP adapter is not supported in trigger in Basic Integration template

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