Tuesday Jul 08, 2014

New in DocumakerTech: Integrating Documaker with Web Services

The first post in another multi-post series is live on the Documaker Tech blog: an in-depth look at configuring Documaker and Docupresentment for publishing with web services! The first post in the series discusses web services in general, some technologies used in web services, and presents a step-by-step guide to configuring the solution for publishing with EWPS web services. Future posts in the series will focus on DWS web services, and additional solutions for starting transactions without extract data, and using the composition services. Check out the first post here.

Monday May 19, 2014

New in DocumakerTech: Creating a Sandbox for ODEE 12.3.0

Are you ready for the next big thing in document automation? It's here - Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition 12.3.0, the enterprise-class document automation platform that sets the standard. The new architecture of the Enterprise Edition is quite different from the Standard Edition, and to accommodate this scalable architecture there are additional requirements to implement ODEE. 

To assist in getting you up and running with ODEE, the gurus over at the DocumakerTech blog have put up the first post in a multi-part series which presents a step-by-step guide to creating a sandbox platform for Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition. This guide will show how to begin with a green field Windows system (that is, a basic Windows server box that has no other software installed) and deploy all the necessary components to build your ODEE Sandbox, including Oracle Database 11g, Oracle WebLogic 10.3.6, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle Documaker 12.3.0.

The first post in the series starts with installing and configuring a database with Oracle Database 11g; subsequent posts will detail each of the major components listed above. Read full details on the Oracle Documaker Tech Blog.

Monday Jul 08, 2013

Compliance Challenges Associated with Health Care Reform

We are all aware of the complex challenges associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.There are also many unforeseen compliance challenges that insurance executives will likely confront with this changing regulatory environment. Companies will be taxed to face changes from multiple processes, risk management, new distribution channels, and a fragmented IT approach. To address all of the challenges, companies will need to change market dynamics and business models. Changing regulations, demographics and aging baby boomers will force new markets and product mix. Companies will need to adopt new technologies to address many of the challenges, while addressing their current processes to minimize the impact to IT resources.

How can companies use new technology to help drive growth and gain competitive advantage? A rip and replace method is an expensive proposition, so new technologies must be integrated to power modern product development demands. Download our new white paper, Compliance Challenges Associated with Health Care Reform: Managing Data, Documents, and Product Development for Market Advantage, and learn about the challenges compliance executives are facing with the impact of new legislation, and look deeper into using technology to address payers’ needs to:

  • Track a new product through all its various stages.
  • Ensure input received from all appropriate parties.
  • Measure the time required to bring a new product to market.

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Thursday Jun 30, 2011

News about Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition

Updates come from the Oracle Documaker front on two counts:

Oracle Documaker Awarded XCelent Award for Best Functionality, and

Documaker User Group in Wisconsin Holds First Meeting

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Friday Jun 10, 2011

2011 IASA Show Wrap Up

The spring 2011 trade show season is winding down, and what better way to spend it than in Nashville, TN?  I attended the IASA Educational Conference and Business Show this past week. It was another great opportunity for Oracle Insurance to connect with industry friends including customers, partners, and fellow vendors.  

This show in particular sees a high amount of accounting- and financially-focused attendees. It was a great opportunity to talk about our billing offering as well as how Oracle Insurance Insight works with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to expose information from financials to insurance operations.

Oracle Insurance had a couple of newsworthy announcements. First, Oracle Insurance Insbridge announced the availability of version 4.5, which enables international usage.  Check out the news here. Also, a new release of Oracle Insurance Revenue Management and Billing was announced. See it here.

Being in Nashville, it was only appropriate that Vanderbilt alum, Al Gore, gave Monday's keynote speech.  On Tuesday, the keynote was presented by Afterburner, Inc., a team of elite military professionals that are experts in helping teams pursue Flawless Execution. they  introduced us to their Flawless Execution Model that is a proven process used by elite military professionals around the world to execute missions when the stakes are high and failure is not an option.

And what completes a country-inspired trade show better than a closing party with Clint Black? He delivered one-of-a-kind music with some good ol' boy storytelling. IASA guests were entertained for the evening.

Clint Black performs at IASA


Oracle's flexible solutions can help insurers navigate the change necessary to meet today’s challenges and have the business agility to be prepared for the future.

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