Friday Feb 28, 2014

Consolidating Legacy Systems on a Single Platform. Learn more at Oracle Industry Connect.

Dave Shively, Oracle's Senior Director of Life & Annuity Policy Administration, discusses how insurers can approach consolidation of legacy systems:

Carriers are faced with a growing portfolio of legacy core applications segmented by business line and tied together through a complex network of systems interfaces running on a multitude of platforms.  This is leading to high costs for infrastructure, operations, maintenance, support, and build activities.  It also forces carriers to either employ a large workforce with very diverse skill sets or rely on third party service providers.  The need to support ever changing business requirements and to enable the business to enter new markets and launch new products continues but adding additional IT cost and complexity is not an option.

A number of carriers have found a way to address their short term need to support new products while at the same time beginning a journey to rationalizing their core system portfolio.  That solution is the Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) platform.  Those who have been in the life insurance policy space for some time are probably familiar with the OIPA solution and its ability to support any type of individual life or annuity product regardless of complexity and the fact that new products or changes to existing products can be made in a matter of hours with OIPA.  What is new is the fact that Oracle has enhanced this solution to support Group lines of business.  Now a carrier can not only accelerate their time to market, they can also consolidate any type of business on to one modern platform.  For the first time, carriers can actually simplify their systems portfolio with the implementation of a new policy application rather than adding to an already complex web of interconnected legacy headache.

Does this sound too good to be true?  Don’t take my word for it; listen to the carriers that are in the process of taking this revolutionary step towards process and technological efficiency by watching our recent webcast or joining us in person at Oracle Industry Connect.

Oracle Industry Connect is a premier conference designed to promote innovation and transformation through open and provocative discussion within the Financial Services and Insurance communities. The event will take place March 25-26, 2014 in Boston and features sessions where you can talk to the leaders from the carriers who are embracing this innovation. Hear from the carriers themselves about how the OIPA platform is streamlining their business and technology operations. You’ll also have a unique opportunity to join your industry peers for in-depth discussions on trends, challenges and opportunities facing insurers today.

If you are unable to attend Oracle Industry Connect, we encourage you to download and watch our recent webcast on Consolidating Individual and Group Business on a Single Platform. In the webcast, you can hear from industry analyst Chad Hersh about why carriers are finally starting to address their core systems issues as well as Olivier Lafontaine from Equisoft about how they are helping Jamaica-based carrier NCB realize the potential of this transformational technology. 

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Thursday Jul 25, 2013

Upcoming Webcast: Transform Business Operations: BPS = Efficiency and Innovation

Transform Business Operations – buzz words in the insurance industry for sure.  But how can a carrier really accomplish this transformation?  How should you rethink the business you’re in and develop new ways to sustain a profitable, competitive advantage? How and where does BPS fit in this equation?

Cognizant and Oracle have a long and tested partnership with Cognizant utilizing Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuities processing that supports several of their clients and a broad spectrum of services for product rollout and versioning, policy administration integration, upgrade, and testing.  Join us on August 15, 2013, as Oracle and Cognizant industry experts team up for a joint webcast to share how these two companies have improved performance and productivity through end-to-end business processing. Topics to be discussed include:  

  • How an integrated BPM solution helps achieve business process automation
  • Lowering operational and conversion costs while enabling growth, product innovation and speed to market
  • Improving the customer experience and processing efficiencies through best in class technology platforms and service delivery
  • Consolidating multiple LOBs, increase workflow efficiency and boost workflow productivity and operational adeptness
  • Service oriented architecture providing enhanced capabilities for real-time business processing

Thursday, August 15, 2013
2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT
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Listen to the Related Podcast: Cognizant also recently discussed how their Business Process Services can help transform a carrier’s business operations through process modernization, automation, and providing the platform for carriers to become agile.  To deliver these Business Process Services, Cognizant often uses the core of the platform powered by best in class policy administration system, thereby leveraging their partnership with Oracle.  Download and listen to the podcast “Delivering Business Process Services.”

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Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

New Business Now Available in Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity

Oracle Insurance is excited to announce release 9.7 of Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity. In addition to showcasing support of client upgrades, release 9.7 streamlines the New Business application process from application receipt through approval with capability to integrate with external providers. Its unique requirement engine can automatically manage requirement ordering and receiving, approve simple cases and summarize data for underwriter and case manager review.  In addition, Oracle Insurance Policy Administration release 9.7 allows companies to:

  • Share a common rules engine between Policy Administration and New Business
  • Leverage ACORD industry standards
  • Provide direct benefits to customers that include decreased Underwriting time and cost, ensuring Underwriting consistency, minimizing the invasiveness of Underwriting, providing customers the ability to enter a new channel / market and enabling Straight-Through-Processing

Oracle Insurance Policy Administration for Life and Annuity is Oracle’s next-generation, flexible, rules-based insurance solution for life and annuities that supports policy processing across multiple lines of business...

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Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

A case for not installing your own software

A programmer’s pitch for cloud computing and engineered systems.

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Oracle's flexible solutions can help insurers navigate the change necessary to meet today’s challenges and have the business agility to be prepared for the future.

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