Tuesday May 19, 2009

Public Policy and Trust - How Safe is Your Data?

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The hordes of content we consume and transmit electronically every day is a testament to our faith in the security and privacy of certain information. When submitting a search on Google or making a bank transaction, many do so assuming that personal information is protected and safe from being shared with other entities. But is this really the case? Just how protected are we from invasion into our personal data and how can we be more aware of violations of our privacy?

Susan Landau, Distinguished Engineer at Sun, recipient of the 2008 Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award, co-author of Privacy on the Line: the Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption, and recently named one of Fast Company's Top 5 Influential Women in Technology (in the Braniac category, no less) joins SVP Global Systems Engineering and host Hal Stern to discuss the issues of privacy, trust, and security in technology and the implications that current trends have at the business, personal, and political levels.

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Thursday Dec 04, 2008

Rich Internet Experiences, Across All Screens of Your Life - JavaFX

James Gosling started it, Danny Coward is running with it. Danny and the JavaFX team have created a leading-edge software platform for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) across all screens including browsers, desktops, mobile devices, and TV. Announced for the first time at JavaOne2008, JavaFX has received a huge amount of attention in the developer community, generating much excitement for today's release of JavaFX 1.0. Built entirely in Java with the programming environment based around JavaFX script, JavaFX 1.0 focuses on immersing consumers in rich media layered with graphics, animations, and transitions through the devices they use daily. This type of rich interaction requires technologies that demand this new generation of applications. And JavaFX certainly delivers.

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Monday Nov 10, 2008

Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems - The long journey down Amber Road

So Sun has FINALLY announced the industry's first Open Storage appliances, the new Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems--a.k.a. Amber Road. After much anticipation, these new appliances have arrived, making their grand appearance at CEC 2008 in Las Vegas, NV, where host Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, interviewed Mike Shapiro, Distinguished Engineer - FISHworks to discuss the new Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems in the FIRST LIVE episode of Innovating@Sun!

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Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

Sun xVM - a slice of Virtualization with a side of Management

Virtualization technology is certainly nothing new and to release a new virtualization product isn't exactly ground-breaking. (Heck, VirtualBox 2.0 was just released last month). So why are we talking about Sun's new xVM Virtualization Portfolio as if it's the greatest thing since sliced cheese? Well for starters, Sun has combined Virtualization technology with key Management components--hence the title xVM, the intersection of of the two layers--and designed a product set along a solid foundation of understanding storage, compute tier, the network, and the hardware on which the software is running. By building the xVM Server and Ops Center along these fundamental lines and using Solaris as the host OS with Xen technology baked into that, users can easily manage both the physical and virtual infrastructure for easy consolidation and administration of heterogeneous Windows, Linux and Solaris guest OS workloads.

Check out the podcast for this edition of Innovating@Sun with host Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, and guest Mike Wookey, CTO and Distinguished Engineer for xVM, as they discuss the technology innovations behind Sun's new xVM Virtualization Portfolio, and how Sun is revolutionizing the software market...again.

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Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

Out of the cloud and onto the system - Project Hydrazine

Cloud computing is one of those elusive concepts that can easily be taken for granted at times. Sure, the cloud exists; it's functioning as a network for applications, web services, and devices. But what is it really doing and how can it be leveraged in our own development projects? Enter Project Hydrazine, the "rocket fuel" behind JavaFX and the driving force behind current innovations in system administration and application development.

In this edition of Innovating@Sun, host Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, interviews Bob Brewin, VP, Sun Distinguished Engineer, to discuss Project Hydrazine--a back-end infrastructure service which offers a new and open approach to application development and deployment. With the provision of infrastructure as a service offering, one can create a virtualized environment in which systems and applications can be built and deployed as if they were in the datacenter and then easily moved across a multitude of devices. With technology like this, it is apparent that Sun's core value, "The Network is the Computer" reigns supreme in the development of Sun innovations.

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