Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

Sun xVM - a slice of Virtualization with a side of Management

Virtualization technology is certainly nothing new and to release a new virtualization product isn't exactly ground-breaking. (Heck, VirtualBox 2.0 was just released last month). So why are we talking about Sun's new xVM Virtualization Portfolio as if it's the greatest thing since sliced cheese? Well for starters, Sun has combined Virtualization technology with key Management components--hence the title xVM, the intersection of of the two layers--and designed a product set along a solid foundation of understanding storage, compute tier, the network, and the hardware on which the software is running. By building the xVM Server and Ops Center along these fundamental lines and using Solaris as the host OS with Xen technology baked into that, users can easily manage both the physical and virtual infrastructure for easy consolidation and administration of heterogeneous Windows, Linux and Solaris guest OS workloads.

Check out the podcast for this edition of Innovating@Sun with host Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, and guest Mike Wookey, CTO and Distinguished Engineer for xVM, as they discuss the technology innovations behind Sun's new xVM Virtualization Portfolio, and how Sun is revolutionizing the software market...again.

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Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) - Introducing the Sun Storage J4000" width="260" height="190" border="0" align="right" border="0">

Reliability is key in your storage device; it can make the difference between compliance and a multi-million dollar lawsuit in some cases. With the failure rate of layers of a storage device being almost a certainty at a network scale, it is more critical than ever to employ technology that can intelligently identify bytes of data and maintain their integrity throughout the data management process.

That's the driving force behind the development of the Sun Storage J4000 family array (aka JBOD for Just A Bunch Of Disks), with more value being placed on general purpose software running on industry-standard architecture and JBODs than ever before. As Bill Moore (photo), Chief Engineer of Systems Storage Group, points out in his interview with Hal Stern, VP of Global Systems Engineering, in this edition of Innovating@Sun, "the true value is in the software, software like ZFS and Solaris, that will be able to take advantage of the capabilities of the general purpose compute and make what people used to think as 'oh, yawn, another JBOD' into something that would be even more powerful and more reliable than your typical storage array is today."

Part 1

Part 2

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Monday Dec 03, 2007

Upgrading Easily with Solaris 8 Migration Assistant

A bit of old school OS theory, combined with virtualization technology, comes together to create a robust migration plan for Solaris 8 customers looking to move to Solaris 10. With an eye toward protecting customers' technology investment as well providing a path of migration, the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant offers innovative technology to help customers along this path. Vice President of Global Systems Engineering, Hal Stern, welcomes two guests to this newest edition of Innovating@Sun. Joost Pronk, product manager for virtualization in the Solaris group and Dan Price, staff engineer and lead on the containers project in the Solaris kernel group join Hal to discuss:

  • How the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant allows users to run Solaris 8 environments on machines running Solaris 10
  • The moving of applications, settings and configuration files with less risk
  • Why someone would want to migrate an entire OS environment from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10
  • Handling custom software development
  • What happens once you install the virtual image environment into a container
  • Balancing virtualization with security
  • Brand Z and altering the behavior of containers
  • Going beyond environment migration to finding economies of scale by compressing multiple containers into the same global zone
  • Where you would not use Solaris 8 migration
  • Taking advantage of Solaris 10 features


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