Monday Aug 24, 2009

Immutable Service Containers: Addressing Security in a World of Changing Deployment

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Cloud computing sits at the forefront of industry headlines these days. It's a trending computing model that is forcing many organizations to seriously consider it if they want to keep up with evolving IT business practices and maintain a competitive edge. But with this new shift towards virtualization technology come a number of concerns to address, particularly around issues of security. Glenn Brunette, Distinguished Engineer and Cheif Security Architect, is working on a project that attempts to solve some of the bigger problems around the security of virtualized environments using Immutable Service Containers (ISCs)--an architectural deployment pattern for highly secure service delivery.

Listen to this edition of Innovating@Sun in which Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, and Brunette discuss ISCs and how building them along principles of stronger security, greater integrity, and simplified security configuration and management is proving to be a very viable solution for organizations looking to safeguard their virtualized environments. Hal and Glenn go on to discuss:

  • micro-virtualization: how adding a thin management layer between the hypervisor and the service lends reliability to security enforcement and monitoring controls
  • how "immutable" Immutable Service Containers are
  • defense in depth measures being taken
  • current implementations with Solaris and OpenSolaris
  • what's next for ISCs, including building core concepts into projects such as Amazon's EC2 & the JEOS project; Virtualbox implementations; and integration of autonomic security techniques

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  • Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

    RESTing on the Cloud with Open APIs

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    The benefits of Cloud Computing are as varied as there are nebular formations. Introduced by Amazon and still in its infancy, the technology has been met with some skepticism, but has quickly begun to prove beneficial due to its sheer agility and elasticity, benefiting developers and deployers alike. Like most new waves of technology, cloud computing is starting small and simple...perhaps too simple, you might ask? Tim Bray, Distinguished Engineer and Director of Web Technologies--as well as a very pleasant Canadian--doesn't think so. He's been working on a crisp, clear, easy-to-use API for creating and managing network, compute, and storage resources within the Sun Cloud and believes that it's the very simplicity of the technology that makes it so irresistible and loaded with potential, claiming, "you gotta start small...if it works, you don't have to worry about it growing, it'll grow alright...but you gotta start small."

    Listen as Sun's Sr. VP Global Systems Engineering, Hal Stern, interviews Tim to discuss how Sun is open sourcing its APIs and hear why Tim very comfortably states that, "the world is unfolding and it's a fun time to be in this business."

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    Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

    Out of the cloud and onto the system - Project Hydrazine

    Cloud computing is one of those elusive concepts that can easily be taken for granted at times. Sure, the cloud exists; it's functioning as a network for applications, web services, and devices. But what is it really doing and how can it be leveraged in our own development projects? Enter Project Hydrazine, the "rocket fuel" behind JavaFX and the driving force behind current innovations in system administration and application development.

    In this edition of Innovating@Sun, host Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, interviews Bob Brewin, VP, Sun Distinguished Engineer, to discuss Project Hydrazine--a back-end infrastructure service which offers a new and open approach to application development and deployment. With the provision of infrastructure as a service offering, one can create a virtualized environment in which systems and applications can be built and deployed as if they were in the datacenter and then easily moved across a multitude of devices. With technology like this, it is apparent that Sun's core value, "The Network is the Computer" reigns supreme in the development of Sun innovations.

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