Thursday May 28, 2009

Project Yggdrasil - Branching out with SunSPOTs

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Yggdrasil in Norse Mythology refers to The World Tree, an enormous arbor that connects many different worlds together, serving as the cohesive and central element of the universe. In the Sun Labs, Project Yggdrasil--with its roots in SunSPOT projects--is under way to develop a flexible data collection framework that connects a multitude of embedded devices to each other and to a relational database for greater collection, visualization, analysis, and sharing of the data and, notably, the metadata that the nodes produce. The Yggdrasil data collection framework has enormous potential in the area of scientific research and Arshan Poursohi, Sun Researcher, and the Yggdrasil team seek to revolutionize current research methods by making it easier for scientists to create applications that can harvest sensor data over extended periods of time and subsequently provide enhanced access to the data to be collated or interpreted in further empirical studies, something not easily achieved using current state-of-the-art technology.

Listen as host Hal Stern, SVP Global Systems Engineering, interviews Arshan to discuss how the project got started, its applications, and how Project Yggdrasil is being used today.

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Tuesday May 19, 2009

Public Policy and Trust - How Safe is Your Data?

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The hordes of content we consume and transmit electronically every day is a testament to our faith in the security and privacy of certain information. When submitting a search on Google or making a bank transaction, many do so assuming that personal information is protected and safe from being shared with other entities. But is this really the case? Just how protected are we from invasion into our personal data and how can we be more aware of violations of our privacy?

Susan Landau, Distinguished Engineer at Sun, recipient of the 2008 Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award, co-author of Privacy on the Line: the Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption, and recently named one of Fast Company's Top 5 Influential Women in Technology (in the Braniac category, no less) joins SVP Global Systems Engineering and host Hal Stern to discuss the issues of privacy, trust, and security in technology and the implications that current trends have at the business, personal, and political levels.

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Monday May 18, 2009

Innovating@Sun now on Facebook and Twitter!

Hey there Innovating@Sun community!

Feeling like you just can't get enough of Sun innovation? Wish you could get more out of Innovating@Sun? Well now you can satiate your leading-edge technology cravings by joining the already-rapidly-expanding Innovating@Sun community on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

RESTing on the Cloud with Open APIs

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The benefits of Cloud Computing are as varied as there are nebular formations. Introduced by Amazon and still in its infancy, the technology has been met with some skepticism, but has quickly begun to prove beneficial due to its sheer agility and elasticity, benefiting developers and deployers alike. Like most new waves of technology, cloud computing is starting small and simple...perhaps too simple, you might ask? Tim Bray, Distinguished Engineer and Director of Web Technologies--as well as a very pleasant Canadian--doesn't think so. He's been working on a crisp, clear, easy-to-use API for creating and managing network, compute, and storage resources within the Sun Cloud and believes that it's the very simplicity of the technology that makes it so irresistible and loaded with potential, claiming, "you gotta start small...if it works, you don't have to worry about it growing, it'll grow alright...but you gotta start small."

Listen as Sun's Sr. VP Global Systems Engineering, Hal Stern, interviews Tim to discuss how Sun is open sourcing its APIs and hear why Tim very comfortably states that, "the world is unfolding and it's a fun time to be in this business."

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Friday Mar 27, 2009

Calling all Innovators - Duke Java Awards!

Hey all you innovators out there! Just found out, Duke Java Award submissions are going on RIGHT NOW and today is the last day to submit your Java apps for the 2009 Duke's Choice Awards.

Submit your entries on the JavaOne nomination form.

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