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Preparing for Cloud: Is Your Infrastructure Cloud-Ready?

Chuck Hollis
SVP, Oracle Converged Infrastructure Systems

These days, talking to IT leaders about cloud is eerily like talking about retirement. Even though it might not be here yet, you know it's coming soon—and investing for the future is prudent. The reality is that there still remains a sizable subset of database-oriented applications that won't be leaving the data center anytime soon. Maybe it's latency concerns. Or regulatory compliance. Or just a general unwillingness to let the family jewels go elsewhere.

More often than not, the database behind the applications in question is an Oracle database.

Which puts Oracle in a privileged position to answer a hard question for our customers: for those important applications, how do you move closer to the benefits of a cloud model—without going to a public cloud? And that's the idea behind Oracle's cloud-ready infrastructure.

I recently wrote a more detailed blog about what a cloud-ready infrastructure means that you can read at your leisure.  In the meantime, here are the big things to remember if your organization isn’t in a position to change its current operational model.

  • Oracle engineered systems are an on-premises infrastructure solution that bring substantial benefits to database workloads that can't leave the data center anytime soon. 
  • When you’re ready to move to public cloud, Oracle Cloud services are equivalent to Oracle's on-premises capabilities—database cloud services, data protection services, and even Exadata as a cloud service. So your on-premises model today is 100 percent public-cloud compatible, all managed with a single framework using a traditional model.
  • You can even move to a modern cloud operational model without moving to a public cloud with Oracle. The services provided using Oracle’s Cloud at Customer are identical to our on-premises and public cloud options as well, but in essence you get a public cloud running in your data center, with you as the sole tenant.

The underlying message with Oracle’s cloud-ready infrastructure is simple: optimize for today, plan for tomorrow.  Especially for those workloads that can't move to a public cloud yet.

Think of Oracle cloud-ready infrastructure as cloud insurancebecause things can change quickly.

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