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Oracle Brings the Cloud to You With Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer

Nancy Swanson
Director, Product Marketing

The future of data is in the cloud. But for organizations that must keep at least some of their data behind a firewall for business, regulatory, or network latency requirements, migrating this critical data to the public cloud is not an option. Introduced two years ago, Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer is designed to help these organizations easily move business critical database workloads to a cloud architecture and remove the obstacles to cloud adoption while still keeping the data securely behind the in-house data center walls. With the arrival of Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer, Oracle builds on its vision with a consolidated management interface for databases across public cloud and Cloud at Customer as well as the latest Exadata X8 hardware.

New: Consolidated Interface

More than ever, Exadata Cloud at Customer delivers the full Exadata public cloud experience. It delivers database as a service in your data center and behind your firewall with public cloud hardware, software, and APIs, giving you an identical operational model and financial model that interoperates seamlessly with the public cloud.

Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer now incorporates an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) control plane, giving you a consolidated view of and control over systems and databases whether in the public cloud or Cloud at Customer. Like Exadata Cloud Service, Cloud at Customer means that Oracle experts deploy and manage infrastructure, capacity can scale elastically, and you benefit from a subscription model with hourly pay per use. In addition, your administrators get Oracle’s fine-grained security controls as well as customizable isolation and operational policies.

Built on Exadata X8

Gen 2 Cloud at Customer is built on Exadata X8, designed from the ground up to be the ideal database hardware, offering scale-out, database-optimized compute, networking, and storage for maximum performance at the lowest cost. Exadata X8 smart system software leverages specialized algorithms to improve all aspects of database processing significantly, including online transaction processing, analytics, and consolidation.

Want to talk hardware? Exadata Cloud at Customer is equipped with scale-out two-socket database servers using the latest Intel Cascade Lake 26-core CPUs giving your organization 50 cores available per server. Cloud at Customer comes with 720 GB of memory available per database service, double the default memory of on-prem Exadata deployments. You’ll also benefit from Oracle’s superfast unified InfiniBand internal fabric. Exadata’s storage servers work off the latest 24-core intel Cascade Lake CPUs, offering 50 percent more processing power than Exadata on-premises to offload database processing. You also get 25.6 TB flash and 12 14-TB disk drives per storage server.

“Gen 2 Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer is ideal for IT organizations that want a public cloud experience in their own data centers—not just managed hardware, but a full-blown public cloud system with the same hardware, software, control plane, and services as the public cloud,” said Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC. “Our research shows that organizations realized average benefits worth $1.93 million per organization per year, a 356-percent ROI and a breakeven point of six months when using Exadata Cloud at Customer. In IDC’s opinion, customers seeking a proven, production-hardened on-premises cloud services solution should evaluate Oracle today.”

Mark Peters, Principal Analyst and Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), concurs, writing: “Exadata is the perfect ‘Engineered System’ to run Oracle Database. It delivers the performance, scalability, availability, and security that users invariably demand for their critical business and consolidated database environments. Offering that same purpose-built-application-platform for users in their own data centers allows them (when appropriate, by choice and/or constraint) to enjoy the best of both the on-premises/private cloud and public cloud worlds. It’s a case of ‘and,’ not ‘or.’”

And, Marc Staimer, President and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting, concludes, “Oracle has raised the standard of what a managed DBaaS on-prem service should be by delivering their second-generation Exadata Cloud at Customer. When it comes to performance, flexibility, security, simplicity, and OpEx, there is simply no comparison at this time.”

Your organization may have several obstacles to full public cloud deployment: regulatory or corporate policies requiring data to remain local to territory or corporation, applications that require the performance offered by local LAN, or databases that are tightly coupled with on-premises applications and infrastructure. Thanks to Exadata Cloud at Customer, these obstacles simply disappear. What’s more, with its full compatibility with on-premises databases, Exadata Cloud at Customer makes migration easy and low-risk, with or without downtime. If you can’t come to the Cloud, Oracle Cloud at Customer brings the cloud to you.

This is the tenth in a series of blog posts celebrating the 10th anniversary of the introduction of Exadata, exploring unique features of Exadata, and why they are important. 

To learn more about Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer, visit oracle.com/engineered systems/Exadata/cloud-at-customer.



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