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Maximize Your Exadata Investment with Oracle Management Cloud

Meg Hall
Product Marketing Manager

As with nearly every other area of our lives, the convergence of cloud, machine learning, and big data analytics is transforming infrastructure management. As evidence, according to a recent IDC Vendor Spotlight, public cloud-based IT Operations Analytics revenue is projected to double by 2020 from 2016 levels.

Today, technology can not only log what happened in the past, but it can also provide predictive analytics that identify steps to improve performance in the future. Because advances in performance monitoring and management are driven by machine learning capabilities, the tasks are increasingly automated, eliminating the time, effort and, often, errors of human intervention.

Taking this one step further, Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) allows you to monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of your Exadata-based infrastructure—from the application layer down—based on hard data. OMC is a suite of integrated cloud services that can give you 360-degree insight into the performance, availability, and capacity of your Oracle Exadata environment.

What Makes OMC for Exadata Different

While this convergence of technologies and the descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive capabilities it provides has led to improvements in infrastructure management across the industry, Oracle Management Cloud takes management of Exadata-based infrastructure even further. How so?

It’s secure. OMC is a secure, unified, big data platform. With Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service, you can monitor the status and health of your entire IT infrastructure from a single platform, no matter where your infrastructure lives: on premises or in the cloud.

It’s subscription-based. As a cloud service with out-of-the-box, automated functionality, it’s available and ready to use as soon as you subscribe.

Optimize Your Exadata Database Machine with Oracle Management Cloud

How you can optimize your Exadata Database Machine investments with OMC? OMC uses machine learning across its suite of cloud services to provide integrated monitoring, management, and analytics. One piece of the suite, Oracle IT Analytics Cloud Service, gives you a comprehensive view into your infrastructure. You get real-time diagnostics, capacity planning, operational forecasting, and business analytics.

OMC automated functionality allows you to monitor infrastructure performance and predict future usage and performance so that you can optimize performance now and be ready to add capacity when you need it. And you’ll know which systems have the capacity you need when you need it. You’ll also get early warnings of any trouble.


Let’s Take a Closer Look

Manage Database Workloads

Do you need to rebalance your workload across Exadata database nodes? OMC automatically monitors your environment to give you accurate resource utilization information. This helps you optimize the capacity of existing systems and get alerts when you’re in danger of maxing out your capacity. When you get requests to onboard new databases, OMC identifies spare capacity to simplify the task for you.

Naturally, your database application can have thousands of SQLs, making it difficult to pinpoint performance issues quickly. OMC identifies issues for you so that you can focus on solutions rather than wasting time doing what can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

With OMC you can answer questions like these:

  • Are SQL queries degrading over time? Which are performing better or worse than expected?
  • Which of the lower-performance SQL queries regressed due to bad plans versus excessive application waits?
  • Are I/O waits predominantly coming from disk or flash storage?

Because you need a complete picture of your database performance, OMC integrates your infrastructure monitoring, diagnostic troubleshooting, and root-cause analysis to help you find performance or operational problems and resolve them before they affect your end users.

Optimize Exadata Resource Utilization

Oracle Management Cloud gives you complete capacity analysis so that you can view, analyze, forecast and identify potential constraints in your Exadata resources. This clarity into your systems can help you make important decisions around future infrastructure optimization by comparing resource usage and running what-if scenarios. And because it’s automated, you don’t have to spend days or weeks doing all that analysis manually.

What about storage issues? You can pore over data to see historic and current usage across your entire environment or get details on a single Exadata Database Machine to understand in how many days a particular machine will reach high utilization threshold in terms of CPU, memory, I/O, and storage.

Maximize Database Performance

Oracle Management Cloud’s IT Analytics Database Performance Analytics and SQL Analytics application can analyze poorly performing databases and SQLs to identify and resolve bottlenecks quickly. Its real-time analytics lets you see performance degradation, variable workload performance, inefficiencies, and top SQL statements that can eat up an uneven amount of system resources.

Identify and Troubleshoot Problems Fast

Let’s face it. Databases have all the critical information that the enterprise needs to operate effectively, but they can be extraordinarily complex, and that makes it difficult to track down problems and resolve them quickly. Monitoring and troubleshooting have to take top priority. Oracle Log Analytics, as part of OMC, can collect, aggregate, and store logs across all your systems, Oracle or otherwise, and monitor them for you automatically to spot network errors, storage errors, SQL problems, and more.

To see what’s happening quickly and easily, dashboards show the overall health of systems and provide smart alerts to notify you of issues in real time.

If you want to learn more about Oracle Management Cloud capabilities and benefits, you can watch our recent on-demand webcast, Managing Oracle Exadata with Oracle Management Cloud.


Al Ghurair Group Sees Results on Day One from Oracle Management Cloud

Al Ghurair Group, a Dubai-based, diversified, family-owned conglomerate with interests in manufacturing, real estate, and financial investments, chose OMC to monitor and manage its increasingly complex hybrid infrastructure.

Group Technical Architect Abdulla Ansar explained that on the first day of OMC implementation, his team was able to identify that Exadata was running at its capacity and could not add users without performance degradation. Based on this knowledge, it was easy to make the decision to add another Exadata machine.

He also noted that OMC had a powerful feature that can directly point to a security breach or other security issue that would be otherwise invisible, and then fix the problem in seconds.


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