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Manufacturers Benefit While Transitioning to the Cloud

Nancy Swanson
Director, Product Marketing

Manufacturers are always looking for ways improve the performance, efficiency, and availability of their operations and business processes, so they can accelerate innovation, ramp up product development, and increase product quality, without increasing IT overhead.

To achieve these goals, manufacturers are moving to cloud technology. During the transition, companies are reaping the benefits of cloud-ready or cloud-based solutions alongside on-premises systems.

But some manufacturers aren’t quite ready to make the move to the public cloud, and need on-premises infrastructure and applications that are built to be compatible with cloud-based solutions, so they can easily migrate to the cloud when the time is right. Other manufacturers are required by regulations to always keep certain data on-premises, so a combined cloud-based and on-premises solution that is engineered to work together seamlessly is their best approach.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Approach to Digital Transformation

Traditionally, industrial companies source solutions from multiple vendors and craft a DIY cloud infrastructure. However, this approach tends to be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to upgrade, especially when third-party applications are upgraded and break the integration with the DIY solutions. DIY solutions are also vulnerable to staff turnover, which can put mission-critical systems at risk. If the engineers who built the DIY solutions leave the organization, there is a loss of institutional knowledge. Recruiting new engineers to work on a DIY system is hard because they won’t have any experience with that system.

Alternative to DIY: Choose the Right Partner

A faster and easier option is working with one partner that offers integrated cloud technology that works with your existing on-premises systems.

For example, Oracle Engineered Systems provide a cloud-ready, scalable infrastructure that makes it quick and easy to migrate from your existing systems to the cloud. Oracle’s on-premises infrastructure is identical to the one used with Oracle Cloud solutions, so you get to enjoy benefits, such as increased performance, efficiency, and uptime—along with advanced analytics and visibility—while you’re preparing to migrate. Also, because the Engineered Systems are co-engineered with Oracle software, they speed up performance beyond what a generic infrastructure can.

At the heart of an Engineered System for industrial companies is Oracle Database Appliance, a package of fully integrated hardware and software optimized for peak performance with Oracle Databases and other applications. Automation simplifies installation—the appliance can be up and running in minutes, allowing manufacturers to run databases on a single, centrally managed appliance, from one vendor.

A single-vendor model streamlines IT support and reduces the amount of time spent managing vendors and getting their solutions to work together, giving your IT team more time to create added value for your company. It can also can potentially cut software-licensing costs and reduce the number of databases, thus decreasing support requirements.

Let’s take a look at how two industrial companies that replaced legacy solutions with Oracle Engineered Systems benefited.

Food Company Gets Faster Results

Alamar Foods is a master franchise operator for Domino’s Pizza, with more than 300 locations in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. It also owns Premier Foods—a meat-processing factory—and several Dunkin Donuts franchise locations in Egypt.

Its aging system didn’t have the performance and availability the company needed. The internal IT staff installed Oracle Database Appliance and then had an Oracle partner migrate the data.

Performance of business-critical applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, increased by up to 30%, and their round-the-clock availability to more than 350 internal users bolstered productivity.

The time to finish monthly close for the 200 stores in Saudi Arabia was reduced from 13 to nine days. The company also gained the ability to initiate new projects, such as data warehousing, human resources, and business intelligence initiatives, that could now be supported by its Oracle Engineered Systems.

Infrastructure costs were reduced by using Oracle Database Appliance fully integrated software, servers, storage, and networking, so there was no need to buy separate hardware and software components and deal with incompatibility issues.

Company Nixes Downtime

Al Yusur Industrial Contracting Company (AYTB) offers services in the fields of construction and fabrication, operation and maintenance, industrial cleaning, shutdowns and turnarounds, and housing and catering. It is also a major provider of industrial, technical, and logistical support services for businesses in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, desalination, and other sectors throughout Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

With the company’s old system, it was experiencing excessive downtime. A regional power outage could cause up to 12 hours of system downtime and would require more resources for follow-up investigations to determine the extent of the damage. Performance of its database and applications was subpar.

AYTB implemented Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle E-Business Suite with the assistance of two Oracle Partners. It also used Oracle Premier Support to expedite the project and provide ongoing support. Oracle Active Data Guard provided infrastructure stability and data security.

As a result, its database and application performance improved by more than 90%. Maximum availability was provided to all users, with zero planned or unplanned downtime events since implementation.

Manufacturers Benefit While Transitioning to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is not an all-or-nothing choice. If you’re not ready to move or can’t move everything due to regulations, combining cloud-ready technology with existing systems offers a good way to transition on your own timeline.

Oracle Engineered Systems along with Oracle Database Appliance make it easy and fast to switch to the cloud when you’re ready. Until then, you gain the benefits of cloud technology, including increased speed, efficiency, and uptime for your operations and business processes.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website for information on Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Engineered Systems.

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