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Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack

Engineered Systems

How to Do Disaster Recovery on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance at a Push of Button

As humans we tend to fear the unknown and the unexpected. I remember as a kid that my younger brother took great pleasure in hiding around corners and yelling...

Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack

Follow the Penguin

... to Oracle OpenWorld2016! Penguins are coming to OpenWorld and you can take a piece of it home with you. We are starting our countdown to Oracle OpenWorld...

Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack

Happy 25th Birthday Linux!

Our Oracle Linux guru put it best: "When Linus Torvalds sent his first email on August 25, 1991 announcing a project to create a new operating system, who could...

Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack

Powering the Next Generation of Connected Cars

Soon, Oracle technologies might be powering your next vehicle! In the latest Internet of Things news, Oracle is joining Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) project,...

Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack

How Much Downtime Can You Afford?

As an enterprise IT leader, you know all too well that patches, upgrades and IT system replacements typically lead to pain and suffering for your IT and...

Expert Tips

Simplify OpenStack to Linux Environment Deployments

Here at Oracle, we like to say “the cloud has changed everything.” One of the things that has changed is how IT delivers application services through private,...

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Saving Time with a Cloud-Enabled Datacenter

When I talk to Linux administrators about the one thing they hate doing, it has to be patching. Certainly one of the reasons is finding a time to take a system...

Data Protection

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R4 for Oracle Linux 6 & 7 now available

Oracle Linux team is happy to announce general availability of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 for Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7.  The release is...

Expert Tips

How to Migrate to Oracle VM and Oracle Linux from VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Do you want to migrate your VMware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle VM and Oracle Linux? If so, check out the hands-on lab that walks you through best...


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