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Is Your Database Platform Cloud-Ready?

Nancy Swanson
Director, Product Marketing

Your business demands the cloud for speed and agility. But is your database platform ready? Oracle can put you on the right path to a private cloud with Oracle Database Appliance.

These days, it seems like every tech magazine, vendor, and IT organization are relentlessly focused on cloud computing. It’s easy to get impatient with what may seem like a lot of hype, but there really is a good reason for all the excitement.

Cloud computing—using a grid of servers to support virtualized infrastructure, platforms, or applications—can give an enterprise the flexibility it never had before to respond quickly to opportunities, deploy new applications, or scale-up fast to meet growing customer demand. At the same time, it can dramatically reduce expenses for hardware, maintenance, and IT staffing. Cloud, is perpetuating an incredible IT transformation and presents a great opportunity for all of us.

Sometimes, a private cloud is the simply best option for your business. There are reasons why many enterprises can’t or don’t want to move key applications to the public cloud. There may be data sovereignty concerns. They may feel it’s simply better that their IT organization is completely in control, or they may be concerned with latency issues. 

So let’s talk about why you would want to use the completely integrated and purpose-built Oracle Database Appliance to run your Oracle Database in your private cloud environment. In private cloud environments, you need a database service for your applications. For example, different types of databases are needed for development/test, production, and different types of applications. Applications have different requirements. For some, you need high-performance and some you need more storage.  

With Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Enterprise Manager you can implement database-as-a-service, which is a cloud model where end users, such as DBAs, developers, etc., can request database services, consume them for the lifetime of the project, and then have them automatically de-provisioned and returned to the resource pool. Unlike generic private cloud models, database-as-a-service is an on-demand database platform that’s highly scalable, flexible, easy to manage, and built for self-service. With Enterprise Manager 13c Cloud Control, self-provisioning and resource metering capabilities are also available. It can then manage database-as-a-service on Oracle Database Appliance.

To learn more, listen to the Oracle Database Appliance and the Cloud – Part I webcast.

And not only is Oracle Database Appliance architected for the on-premise world, it’s also architected for public cloud because we know many of you out there are looking to run hybrid environments between on-premise and public cloud—either today or in the future. Because any Oracle Database Appliance you buy today is cloud-ready right out of the box, we give you great investment protection.

Stay tuned for our Oracle Database Appliance and the Cloud – Part II webcast.


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