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How the Right IT Infrastructure Can Deliver an Extraordinary Customer Experience

Linda Tsan
Director, Product Marketing

It's no secret that digital business requires tools, solutions, and technologies that allow data and information to flow through the enterprise efficiently. Yet, when it comes to building out the right infrastructure, the devil is in the details. Not all IT systems are created with customer experience in mind.

A fast, agile, and flexible IT framework is critical for creating a culture of customer service excellence. What does that mean? It's the ability to meet customer needs and expectations quickly. That requires extremely responsive back-end systems and highly available services—and it touches applications, databases, storage, and the cloud. Accenture dived deep into the motives of the modern digital customer and discovered that

"profitable growth in today’s always-on world is dependent on providing experiences that keep customers engaged."

With 64% of consumers saying they’ve switched at least one service provider due to a poor customer experience and Oracle estimating that 20% of annual revenue is loss because of a less than positive customer experience, businesses have much at stake.

3 Considerations for Supporting Exceptional Customer Experience

Digital technologies have changed fundamental business models and ushered in new and more demanding IT requirements to support a first-rate customer experience. These requirements reach across organizational boundaries. The common denominator? The customer experience framework and the IT systems that support it must address:

  1. The entire customer lifecycle. This ranges from customer-facing marketing and sales to customer support and reengagement. There are a multitude of applications, both on the market and homegrown, to address the digital customer experience, so you better make sure you have the appropriate IT infrastructure to support the uptime and stability of those services so your people can deliver on time, all the time.

  2. Employee productivity. With multiple channels and numerous customer touchpoints, employees must achieve a high level of efficiency in order to deliver the best possible customer experience. This means instant 24/7 access to data, information, and customers through systems that tap the cloud and mobility. A strong IT infrastructure can enable this, while an unreliable one can cause latency issues or, worse, unexpected downtime and outages.

  3. The supply chain and business partners. As customer and business relationships become more complex—and as partnerships reach across third-party lines—there's a need for efficiency within the customer value chain. Streamlining your IT infrastructure on a single technology stack like Oracle engineered systems can not only reduce the complexity of your data centers, but the supply chain to manage it as well. A streamlined IT infrastructure can also prepare you for a move to the cloud, an emerging trend among supply chain leaders.

Aligning IT and Customer Experience Goals

How can your enterprise properly address these three critical considerations and emerge as a leader rather than a laggard in your industry? IT can help support a successful digital transformation of the customer experience in these key areas:

  • A network infrastructure that enables fast and flexible “anytime, anywhere” transactions and interactions.
  • Extensive use of cloud platforms and services to support growth, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT), which connects people, machines, and data to deliver broader and deeper insights, for reaching customers and understanding—even predicting and responding to—their needs.
  • Databases that operate at the speed of digital, often by tapping the more advanced frameworks such as Hadoop and using clouds to move data in near real time.
  • Robust security and privacy protections built into systems in a more comprehensive way.

Engineered to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

With integrated systems, businesses can take advantage of more efficient data processing for real-time data analytics applications and transaction processing, which has a ripple effect across your organization—from better business decision-making to a   smoother and more positive customer experience. Today, there's a need to rethink and rewire traditional database and data warehouse frameworks to deliver real-time data—but also broader datasets that enable a more complete view of business information.

Oracle Engineered Systems is co-engineered to deliver exceptional performance, availability, and security for the systems your business and customers rely on. Purpose-built and designed for Oracle Database and all applications that run on it, the Engineered Systems unified solution maximizes speed to deliver real-time insights and uncompromising data protection at chip level so you can better serve your customers. Because customer produce so much useful, yet unstructured, data, it's imperative that you have the proper infrastructure to ingest and subsequently analyze it all. Customers can plug-and-play with Oracle Big Data Appliance and avoid costly upstart costs of implementing a DIY solution to capture and analyze all the data your customers create. mStart, a Croatian IT services firm, deployed Oracle Big Data Appliance to provide near real-time, detailed insight—including for example the highest and lowest selling items—into the activities of more than 2,000 stores serving 1.2 million customers daily in five countries, enabling retail outlets to intelligently make same-day amendments to prices and promotions to boost revenue and optimize inventory management.

"Thanks to the profound insights delivered in real time by Oracle Big Data Appliance, we have increased our ability to respond to the needs of more than 1 million loyalty card holders who regularly use our retail network. We also expect to reduce our transportation costs." 

Learn more about how Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Big Data Appliance can help you better understand your customers and deliver an extraordinary experience so you can quickly optimize and monetize. Oracle and MIT collaborated to explore the rise of the data capital economy in their new paper:

oracle mit presents rise of data capital economy

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