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Prescription for Long-Term Health: ODA Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Nancy Swanson
Director, Product Marketing

Healthcare providers face so many complex challenges, from a shortage of clinicians to serve an aging population that requires more care, to changing regulations, to evolving patient treatment and payment models. At the same time, these providers struggle to manage the ever-increasing amount of data being generated by electronic health records (EHRs). How can they focus on providing the best possible patient care while keeping costs tightly under control?

Data Drives the Modern Healthcare Organization

One of the most important steps is to manage the data that’s the heartbeat of their organization. Data makes it possible to provide quality patient care, streamline operations, manage supply inventories, and build sound long-term organizational strategies, among other things. Perhaps today’s most critical healthcare challenge—outside of the frontline clinician-patient encounter—is efficiently, securely, and affordably managing data.

Clinicians need to be able to access patient data in real time, around the clock. In the case of acute-care situations, they can’t afford for systems to go down, or to lose data.

Administrators need to ensure the security of patient information to protect privacy, meet regulations, and avoid fines and bad PR.

Materials management requires systems to monitor critical supplies and keep them stocked at optimal levels to ensure availability, prevent waste, and reduce costs.

Executives need real-time analytics to make day-to-day decisions, plan for the long term, and ensure patients continue to receive the best possible care while the industry experiences seemingly constant change and uncertainty.

How do you implement innovative and life-saving procedures and technology, hire the best talent, and expand services without going bankrupt? It all comes down to balancing patient care with controlling costs.

Technology That Performs the Perfect Balancing Act

Healthcare organizations need to manage enormous quantities of data, but they don’t always have the budget for top-of-the-line database solutions. Nor do they always have the resources required to manage these systems day-in and day-out.

For many of these midsize healthcare providers, Oracle Database Appliance offers a realistic, affordable option that optimizes performance for the Oracle Database. The completely integrated package of software, compute, networking, storage, and backup makes setup simple and fast. At the same time, it delivers the performance and the fully redundant, high availability so critical to healthcare environments. And it’s cloud-ready, so that organizations can migrate to the cloud seamlessly.

With all the uncertainty healthcare organizations operate under today, they need IT solutions that can adapt and change as their needs change. Oracle Database Appliance was designed with flexibility to meet organizations’ changing database requirements. Compute capacity can be scaled up on demand to match workload growth.

Protecting Patient Data Must Take Top Priority

Because patient data is so critical to healthcare organizations, they must have reliable, secure backup. Oracle Database Appliance also has an option that makes backup just as simple as system deployment and management. Healthcare organizations can choose between backing up to a local Oracle Database Appliance or to the Oracle Cloud if they don’t want to manually manage backups or maintain backup systems.

In healthcare, protecting patient data has to be a top priority. The backup feature of Oracle Database Appliance offers end-to-end encryption and is specifically designed to include the archive capabilities needed to ensure compliance with the healthcare industry’s stringent regulations.

One Brazilian healthcare organization ended a two-year search for a solution when it found the Oracle Database Appliance.

Santa Rosa Hospital Takes Good Care of Its Patients—and Its Data

Santa Rosa Hospital in Cuiaba, Brazil, needed a database system that could scale to match its rapid growth in patient procedures—and the accompanying growth in the hospital’s data. Some non-negotiable capabilities for a solution included improving performance, ensuring uninterrupted access to the database 24/7, a safe and efficient backup process, and expandable storage capacity.

According to IT Manager Andre Carrion, Santa Rosa searched for two years for a solution but couldn’t find one that fit its budget, until it found Oracle Database Appliance with cloud backup. The results were impressive:

  • Ensured full access to the database even when a server crashed, and increased patient data security. Systems now run on the virtual server in the cloud while the physical server is re-established.
  • Reduced backup time from 24 hours to 2 hours.
  • Reduced time to retrieve patient information from as much as 3 minutes to 2 seconds.
  • Reduced average ER consultation time from 15 minutes to 6 minutes.
  • Replaced 10 servers with 1 server.

As a bonus, everything was installed and ready to go in just a week. The Oracle Database Appliance with easy cloud backup was just what the doctor ordered to meet Santa Rosa’s growing business without compromising the security of sensitive patient information or breaking the budget.


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