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Getting Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy Right

Linda Tsan
Director, Product Marketing

"How do we compete in the digital age?" This is the question that enterprise organizations need to answer as the digital economy continues to evolve.

Because of the large number of employees, customers, and immense global footprint, many enterprises are faced with unique challenges that prevent them from being as agile as their comrades in startups. Regardless, users still expect the same sort of features and functionality. 

John Abel, in association with Intel, says businesses need to start looking at the enterprise cloud model to compete in the digital age.

"When it comes to cloud investments, the new agile enterprise is moving beyond the traditional distinction between public and private cloud towards a more complete model that combines the options and capabilities of both. This increasingly applies to enterprise-grade applications—not just to the periphery of enterprise IT—as the maturing digital business demands agility right across workloads." 

So how do businesses begin to build an effective integrated cloud strategy? As a starting point, IT needs to develop a clear vision that aligns current cloud investments not only in a common architecture but with a cohesive set of business goals. This involves actually talking to different LOBs within your organization, collaborating with LOB leaders, and working to align their needs with an IT infrastructure that works for everyone.

This is how you build a cloud strategy that is systematically integrated, as opposed to stitching public and private cloud elements together as an ad hoc response to isolated workload or application requirements. It's a paradigm shift from what IT has traditionally done. We're moving from an age where we've had to pick and choose separate layers of the stack that may not be completely compatible with each other to an era where stacks are engineered to work together, from chip to the cloud. Oracle engineered systems is how you future-proof your cloud strategy.

"A future-proof cloud strategy will involve building consistent and compatible public and private cloud architectures that work together seamlessly: a function-rich public cloud suitable for enterprise IT, combined with equivalents that can be deployed within the data centre. Most businesses might need time to migrate to this ideal model, but it’s clear that they need to start preparing for it, and investing, now." 

This is the difference between merely making cloud resources compatible and making them work towards a common purpose. To learn more about how to build an enterprise cloud strategy for your business, check out the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure infowall.

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