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Finding Your Way to the Cloud

Tina Liu
Director, Product Marketing

Today's guest blog comes from Angie Dorfman, Vice President of Global ACS Marketing, Go To Market, and Cloud Services at Oracle.

Many businesses looking to decrease IT costs while increasing the flexibility of their technology are making the shift to cloud. However, for some organizations, cloud adoption is about more than just technical convenience – it's about achieving the most with their IT investment. Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) partners with Oracle customers to ensure this transition is as advantageous and efficient as possible.

Whether your business goals include a total digital transformation, developer empowerment, increased agility, better customer engagement, or simply gaining more insight through analytics, establishing a path to the cloud is critical to enabling improved business outcomes. Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) makes cloud adoption easier with access to an open, flexible, cost-effective platform. These tools can open the door to achieving your current business goals, as well as equip your technology environment for future innovation.

Just as there’s no single reason for moving to cloud, there’s no single way forward with Oracle IaaS. Our customers have different business needs and motivations for cloud adoption, and Oracle ACS can provide the expertise to help them get there. 

Migrating the data center to the cloud

Many businesses still struggle with an aging infrastructure environment and continue to invest in maintaining and upgrading legacy systems. They might be interested in what cloud can do for them – and they’d much rather direct those legacy-focused IT costs into other parts of the business – but need to ensure the integrity of their data center first and foremost. 

Moving your data center to the cloud allows your IT team to focus on more strategic business priorities, instead of procuring and maintaining infrastructure. Oracle IaaS offers stability and safety at a lower cost of ownership, streamlining the IT environment and freeing up those operating costs for something else. Oracle ACS provides the necessary expertise to optimize these legacy environments and ensure success from planning through deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Lifting and shifting applications to the cloud

“Lifting and shifting” refers to moving a workload, such as a virtual machine or application, from an on-premises data center to the cloud, without making any changes to the workload. In this example, Oracle ACS helps customers maintain their investment in Oracle technology while simultaneously modernizing their infrastructure. The application is cloned and moved to the cloud, where the customer’s end users can access it and the system administrators have the ability to manage it just as they did in the legacy environment.

Many organizations find that lifting and shifting these existing workloads to the cloud enables IT to be more responsive to the business. By moving applications to the cloud, ACS enables customers to streamline operations and take advantage of process automation, as well as reduced costs.

Managing development and testing in the cloud

Businesses invest in hardware and software to develop and test applications, but these assets are only used about 25% of the time. At other times, this significant investment is idle – it can’t be put to work increasing innovation. However, by shifting development and testing to the cloud, customers only pay for it when they need it. When they do need it, they have more capabilities than with on-premises models, as well as increased speed and agility. 

With workload migration service provided by Oracle ACS, organizations can achieve this with minimum risk and maximum return on investment at a fixed cost. Customers are able to quickly spin up an environment when they need it, and break it down when they have finished. The Oracle environment is ready in 15 minutes, rather than the two days typical with an on premises model.

Building and deploying cloud-native apps

Some organizations turn to the public cloud to support application development, making it possible for developers to create applications more quickly. IaaS provides development teams with the most control of infrastructure in the public cloud, without requiring extensive hardware knowledge, and with rapid, self-service provisioning with subscription-based pricing. 

Coming to OpenWorld?

Are you planning to be at Oracle OpenWorld? Learn more about how ACS helps Oracle customers in their journey to the cloud. Join us for “Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation: Lift and Shift Workloads to Oracle Cloud” Wednesday, October 4, at 11 a.m. in Room 3016, Moscone West.

To learn more about how ACS helps customers achieve success with Oracle IaaS, download the Digi Book "Make the Shift to the Cloud with Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)". Find out more about how Oracle Advanced Customer Support partners with customers at oracle.com/goto/ACS.

Angie Dorfman is the Vice President of Global Go to Market and Sales Enablement
Oracle Advanced Customer Support and Managed Cloud Services. Angie has more than 22 years of experience in the customer services industry. She has held global leadership roles in services delivery, operations, go to market, and enablement, as well as global general manager responsibilities for a newly launched cloud services group. She currently works for Oracle leading an organization responsible for global Go-to-Market planning, Partner Programs, Services Marketing, Sales Readiness and Communications for direct and indirect sales channels for a more than $1.3 billion services business. Angie holds a BBA in Management Information Systems and has worked for Oracle, and previously Siebel, for 19 years.

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