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Faster Business Decision Making Through Integrated Infrastructure

Diana Eadington Reed
Director of Hardware Campaigns Marketing

It is generally agreed that faster, more accurate decision-making is good for the business.

Asia Commercial Bank, a leading Vietnamese financial institution providing retail and commercial banking services with 346 branches and serving more than four million customers, embraced this idea.

To support faster decision making, Asia Commercial Bank wanted to reduce the time required to extract, transfer, and load (ETL) data from the core banking and other systems into a data warehouse, and enable business users to generate faster reports, such as branch revenue and regulatory reports.

It also needed to support rapid customer-transaction growth, such as credit cards and business loans, so needed increased storage capacity.

And, of course, it wanted to reduce IT investment costs over the coming three years.

So what did it do?

Asia Commercial Bank replaced its legacy IBM systems with an integrated Oracle server and storage solution to support its data warehouse and business intelligence systems. Storage capacity improved by 3x -- from 8TB to 24TB; the company saved 30% on hardware-investment costs; and user productivity went up significantly.

How was real-time decision making impacted?

Batch processing for daily closings of customer accounts, such as checking and savings accounts, was up to 4x faster - 15 minutes instead of up to an hour (the SPARC T5-8’s powerful processor could rapidly scan 396 million records in less than a second rather than taking up to five minutes with the IBM server).

In addition, the bank enabled up to 4,000 users to rapidly access business intelligence dashboards and create ad-hoc reports, such as state-bank compliance reports, up to 2x faster by using Oracle Database’s auto-parallel functionality with SPARC T5-8 and Oracle Solaris 11.

It also gained the ability to create daily reports before 7 a.m. to support business operations by processing ETL tasks up to 10x faster and achieving 5x faster throughput than the IBM server platform.

“We chose Oracle’s SPARC T5-8 server and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance over IBM because Oracle software simply runs better on Oracle hardware, accelerating our data warehouse system performance and supporting growth. Moreover, Oracle Database is the best fit for the banking industry,” said Ho Thai Truong Giang, IT director, Asia Commercial Bank.

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