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Bringing Clarity to Your Cloud Journey

Rajesh Sukhramani
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Cloud is fast becoming the operational model of choice and it’s transforming both business and IT. It enables people to create new technologies, new applications, and new delivery models. As a result, organizations are becoming more responsive, agile, and innovative.

It's clear to me that IT leaders are under increasing pressure to move from a traditional on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based model. But despite tech research firm Forrester expecting half of large enterprises to be running production workflows in the cloud by 2018, many still don’t have a clear cloud strategy.  For most organizations, the journey to the cloud is unlikely to be straightforward. Deciding on the best path can be tricky. Not only do they have many possibilities to choose from, but they must also meet diverse and often conflicting demands and priorities from different line of business managers.  

In this series of blogs, my colleagues and I will be looking at cloud journeys, and sharing insights to help you establish the path and destination that are right for you.

Developing Your Strategy

You may not currently be pursuing a cloud migration strategy for your organization. You may be more concerned with improving the performance and security of your on-premises enterprise applications—or simply cutting the costs of running your existing infrastructure. However, you probably realize that, despite the immediate benefits any new investments in your existing IT environment will bring, the decisions you make today are likely to affect your ability to move to a cloud model in the future. 

Any architecture that isn’t designed for making the transition to an enterprise cloud will eventually have to be replaced by one that meets the challenges ahead. Therefore, to make your shift to the cloud as seamless as possible, you’ll need to streamline and future-proof your existing IT infrastructure. 

Making Your Choice

Even the most advanced cloud adopters don’t expect to make a complete shift, and for most there will be an extensive period of coexistence, with applications and data living in both on-premises and cloud environments. So, your strategy needs to deliver new cloud services and legacy environments, cloud and on-premises applications, new innovations, and existing business processes to exist side by side.

At Oracle, we see many different paths to cloud, and our mission is to help streamline yours. With our help, lots of enterprise customers are cutting the complexity of their infrastructure with an integrated architecture. Only our engineered systems are architected, tested, and optimized to work together, spanning on-premises and cloud environments. As a result, they offer the flexibility to move seamlessly between both.

Adopting Your Solution

Everything in our engineered systems portfolio has brought us to this unique position. Our on-premises IT infrastructure components include strong server and storage technologies and cloud expertise. Our deep knowledge of every layer of the cloud can help you build a completely integrated platform. And wherever you stand today, the engineered systems portfolio will help you complete your journey. Because we use the same technology for on-premises IT infrastructure and public cloud, you can easily move back and forth when you’re ready. 

If you’re planning your organization’s journey to the cloud, our white paper—IT Executive’s Guide To Developing An Enterprise Cloud Strategy—is full of tips, stats, and information that will help you make the right choices. Find out more about how Oracle engineered systems deliver secure, high-performance enterprise cloud solutions by visiting the infowall below:

The next blog post in this series highlighting Oracle's vision for your journey to the cloud will look at how building a private cloud is an essential part of your organization’s overall cloud journey. Stay tuned!

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