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Analysts agree: Oracle Database Appliance is ideal for edge compute environments

On the edge, Oracle Database Appliance can interface with a variety of devices including mobile phones, monitors, robots, and more, and quickly access local databases and perform analytics processing utilizing built-in Oracle Database optimizations. 


Today, as crucial business decisions are being made everywhere in the world, it’s vital that remote business locations have ready access to local databases and analytical tools to support real-time decision making. Oracle Database Appliance, a pre-built engineered system optimized for Oracle Database and applications, offers ease-of-use, affordability and reliability ideal for remote environments. Organizations with edge computing needs use Oracle Database Appliance to simplify remote installations, provide high availability, and enable better decisions—all while reducing costs.

Powerful analytics in remote environments

In a recently published DSC report, Marc Staimer identifies the essential success factors for edge deployments, “The remote analytics have to be able to operate in a lights-out or near lights-out data center, i.e. small non-raised floor, remotely managed, likely in a closet. That demands incredible simplicity. It also requires multi-tiered analytics where results and data can be handed off further up the line for deeper analytics and archiving.”

Oracle Database Appliance meets these requirements by:

  • Delivering a pre-built engineered system with compute, storage, and networking that is easily deployed in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Providing automated storage configuration, database provisioning, and quarterly single-bundle patching that reduces operations and maintenance requirements by up to 95%.
  • Allowing organizations to run Oracle, third-party, and custom applications on an optimized Oracle Database environment, reducing the complexity and cost of deploying diverse workloads.

An ideal edge solution

Oracle Database Appliance is Oracle’s most affordable engineered system and its capabilities go well beyond basic, commodity x86 servers. It provides organizations with a simple, reliable and low-cost system which can be deployed quickly in edge environments and remote locations. Built-in analytics and machine learning capabilities allow inferences to be run directly against the database in edge environmentsreducing reliance on specialized, centralized products. Running Oracle Database on pre-optimized Oracle Database Appliance infrastructure prompted Marc Staimer to conclude that “The combination of the two—Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Database—are ideal for the edge.”

Oracle Database Appliance easily meets edge computing requirements, and provides built-in integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for backing up and archiving data in the cloud. ESG’s Mark Peters explains the impact of Oracle Database Appliance on remote operations when he observes that “For a small to midmarket organization, business unit, or edge operation, there really is no easier or better way to run Oracle Database; it is just about as near to a “no decision required” option as there can be in IT.” Mark Peters goes on to explain that “The ODA is purpose-built to run Oracle Database, while competitive alternatives are of necessity composed of general-purpose non-Oracle-optimized components and thus will suffer in comparison.”

Remote reliability

Oracle Database Appliance is designed, tested, and supported by Oracle to maximize application availability, reducing unplanned downtime to less than one minute per year, according to IDC’s customer business value analysis (PDF). Oracle Database Appliance’s uniquely engineered software streamlines patching for all the elements of the software stackfirmware, operating system, storage management, and database software utilizing pre-tested patch bundles. This reduces human error and results in less planned downtime and higher system reliability.

KGHM International, a major copper and silver producer based in Poland, is a perfect example of using Oracle Database Appliance in edge locations. KGMH deploys Oracle Database Appliance in their remote sites for cost tracking and process monitoring, improving reporting times by up to 20X while significantly increasing the reliability and efficiency of their edge environments.

Performance and stability are crucial to KGHM as indicated by Rui Saraiva, Manager of Enterprise Applications, “Most of our sites are located remotely in very far away locations so performance is key for us in our systems, and Oracle was able to provide that performance for us. We cannot have disruptions because that would cost a lot of money to the company if our operations stop. Oracle Database Appliance has been proven over the years to be a very stable solution with 99.99% uptime.” 

CISTEC, a German-based solutions provider, has also adopted Oracle Database Appliance as the infrastructure for its KISIM health information system (HIS). Using the system, hospital staff communicate vital patient data between mobile devices, such as iPads, and Oracle Database Appliance to keep medical records current and accurate.

Other organizations use Oracle Database Appliance for their edge computing needs. A large pharmaceutical and nutritional products enterprise utilizes Oracle Database Appliance in remote manufacturing plants to significantly reduce deployment times and accelerate results compared with do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, which require extensive testing, integration and patching. An international courier and package delivery service is taking advantage of Oracle Database Appliance’s remote capabilities in its branches, while others are using these systems in distribution centers to run their warehouse management systems.

Ready to deploy

For edge, or remote environments, organizations need a simple, reliable and low-cost system which can be deployed quickly. In fact, according to IDC’s research analysis on the business value of Oracle Database Appliance, customers achieved 498% ROI over five years, 54% lower cost of operations, and 20% lower infrastructure costs while deploying new databases 67% faster and increasing the efficiency of DBA teams by 61 %. Oracle Database Appliance easily meets edge computing requirements, delivers significant business value, and provides built-in integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for backing up and archiving data in the cloud. All of this adds up to Oracle Database Appliance being an ideal fit for edge solutions and remote environments, or as ESG’s Mark Peters puts it “as near to a “no decision required” option as there can be in IT.”

You can access the full industry analyst reports below:

DSC: Oracle Database Appliance X8: Obliterating the DIY x86 Database Nightmare

ESG: Oracle Database Appliance X8 Replaces the Pains of Do-it-yourself Infrastructure with Operational Gains

IDC: The Business Value of Oracle Database Appliance

For more information on Oracle Database Appliance, visit https://www.oracle.com/engineered-systems/database-appliance/

To contact Oracle: https://www.oracle.com/corporate/contact/

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