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Amping Up SAP Applications With a High-Performance Platform

Carl Ray
Senior Product Marketing Director

There’s a reason why great musicians are so selective about the instruments they play. No matter how spectacular the composition is or what kind of chops the musicians have, there’s nothing like the performance that can be achieved with a great axe.
It’s pretty much the same with enterprise software. To achieve epic benefits from world-class enterprise software, running the database behind it on the highest performing platform that was purpose-built for it makes all the difference.
For more than 25 years, Oracle has crafted our database technology in concert with SAP to help the customers we share — more than 40,000 of them — optimize the performance of their enterprise software. In fact, we estimate that two-thirds of SAP’s mid-size to large-enterprise clients trust the Oracle Database to optimize their most important mission-critical workloads. So why wouldn't you want the hardware that was built specifically maximize the performance and availability of the Oracle Database?

Oracle engineered systems combines best-of-breed hardware, middleware, software and cloud components with game-changing  that simplify operations and lower cost of ownership for SAP applications. Because any application that uses the Oracle Database can be easily and seamlessly migrated to Exadata or SuperCluster with no changes, you can enable rock-star performance of SAP solutions like flipping a switch. Let's explore the benefits by taking a look at 3 companies who did just that:

wumart photo from www.chinadaily.com.cn

Wumart Stores, China’s leading supermarket chain, improved SAP application response time by 82% with Exadata’s ultra-fast PCI flash memory and InfiniBand technology. Thanks to faster processing of online orders, the company has minimized revenue loss from clearance sales due to declining fresh food quality.

Celsa Group, the largest steel producer in Spain, saw a 3X boost of its SAP ERP system speed with SuperCluster and Exadata. The company optimized current logistics processes and is ready to support planned growth. By accelerating backup speeds and queries to geographically separate data centers, they're making better use of IT resources by reducing the time dedicated to managing backups.

amerisourcebergen warehouse via articles.philly.com

When AmerisourceBergen, one of the largest global pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution-service companies, transitioned its SAP data infrastructure to the Exadata, the company gained the ability to run the its 100,000 daily batch jobs 25% to 75% faster to meet SLAs and improve customer service.

Still curious why SAP customers choose Oracle Database over others? Other than the fact that Oracle Database 12c runs SAP applications 2x faster than SAP HANA, the performance, speed, and availability of SAP applications is amplified with Oracle engineered systems.

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