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  • November 7, 2018

5 Exciting Moments at Oracle OpenWorld

Meg Hall
Product Marketing Manager

OpenWorld is an exciting conference with excellent networking and information on how emerging technologies are effecting the IT industry. With over 2000 sessions and events, OpenWorld has a lot to offer. We know that not everyone can make it to the conference in person. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, here are the top 5 exciting things that happened at OpenWorld.

1. Exadata Customers Uncover Their Keys To Success

One of the most insightful moments at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 was listening to Exadata customers uncover amazing performance improvements and better business results that have helped them develop a competitive edge in the market. Wells Fargo and Halliburton both shared their significant cost savings as well as operational benefits from consolidating their hardware and software onto Oracle Exadata in this session.

David Sivick, technology initiatives manager at Wells Fargo, shared how they leveraged 70 racks of Exadata to replace several thousand Dell servers. Sivick said that the company has “realized a multi-million dollar a year saving…There’s a 78% improvement in wait times, 30% improvement on batch, 36% reduction in space from compression and an overall application speed improvement of 33%.” (Source diginomica).

Shane Miller, senior director of IT at Halliburton, also explained that he experienced significant cost savings and business results. For instance, Shane mentioned that with Exadata, “we saw a 25% reduction in the time it takes to close at the end of the month… We saw load times from 6 hours to like 15 minutes.” (Source diginomica).

2. Constellation Research and Key Cloud at Customer Customers Share Stories About innovation

In the 2 years since the Cloud at Customer portfolio has been announced, customers have seen significant innovation with their Cloud deployments.  As an example, Sentry Data Systems’ Tim Lantz shared how Exadata Cloud at Customer allows them to have their cake and eat it too.  Kingold Group’s Steven Chang shared how important data sovereignty is with their digital transformation with Exadata Cloud at Customer.  And other customers in other sessions, including Dialog Semiconductor, Galeries Lafayette, Quest Diagnostics, and more shared their stories at OpenWorld. 


To learn more, read Jessica Twentyman’s article in Diginomica.

3. Oracle Database Appliance Customers Shared How They Maximize Availability 

During the Oracle OpenWorld customer panel, we heard how Oracle Database customers are driving better outcomes with Oracle Database Appliance versus traditional methods of building and deploying IT infrastructure. We covered the business value, and customer perspectives on how Oracle Database Appliance has delivered real value for their Oracle software investments while simplifying the life of IT without additional costs. Our special guests operate in education, mining, finance and real estate development. One of the main topics was using a multi-vendor approach vs. an engineered system. As a DBA managing day to day operations, many faced performance and diagnostic issues and a multi-vendor solution was not helping. With ODA they can manage the entire box which provides easy patching with one single patch that does it all. David Bloyd, Nova Southeastern University stated:In the past, we would take our old production SUN SPARC server that was out of warranty to be our dev/test/stage environment when purchasing a new production server to save money.  Now we can test our ODA patches on the same software and hardware as our production environment by having the same ODAs for both environments. Furthermore, our panelists expressed the need to have 24x7 availability with no downtime. Konstantin Kerekovski, Ramymond James stated:


“The ODA HA model is key because being in financial services you cannot go down, high availability is key. We have two set ups in Dev we are using RAC ONE Node. And also for DR, we can consolidate many databases on one ODA. In production, we have two instances of RAC running on ODA compute nodes, so no downtime.”

Oracle Database Appliance at OpenWorld

As we approach the latest generation of Oracle Database Appliance we are seeing more performance, security and reliability increase. “Rui Saraiva, KGHM International stated: “With the latest implementation of the ODA X7 we were able to significantly increase application performance and thus improve business efficiencies by saving time to the business users when they run reports or execute their business processes.”

Are you considering Oracle Database Appliance to run your Oracle Database and Applications? Check out this blog By Jérôme Dubar, dbi services on “5 mistakes you should avoid with Oracle Database Appliance.”

4. Oracle Products Demo Floor

The OpenWorld demo-grounds featured 100+ Oracle Product Managers explaining the technical details of each  product. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your Oracle investments by the person who designed the product! 

In case you missed it, here is a video showing the exciting things that were happening at Exadata demo booth:


5. Oracle CloudFest Concert

Oracle hosted a private party exclusively for customers! This intimate concert featured Beck, Portugal the Man, and the Bleachers. Guests enjoyed a night out at the ball park with free food, drinks, entertainment and networking.

Cloudfest Oracle Concert

Overall, the Exadata experience at Oracle OpenWorld was amazing and to learn more, do check out the new Exadata System Software 19.1 release which serves as the foundation for the Autonomous Database.




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