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10 Reasons Why Modern DBAs Need Oracle MiniCluster

Linda Tsan
Director, Product Marketing

Today's guest post is by Vamsee Kasavajhala, Principal Product Manager for the Oracle MiniCluster.

As tech savvy culture continues to permeate our day-to-day, modern DBAs are faced with new challenges to ensure high performance and minimal downtime for their users. One of the biggest challenges we see DBAs facing in 2017 is the shift to an application-centric approach, with the cloud and DevOps being two of the biggest contributors to this shift. This means DBAs are now being held accountable for application performance as well as database performance. Add in the need for robust data protection and compliance, it's a surprise that DBAs get any sleep at all these days.

MiniCluster was built with the modern DBA in mind. MiniCluster is the easiest way for customers to get high-performance, HA Oracle Database deployments with the least cost, time, training and effort required. As the most turn-key engineered system Oracle has ever developed, MiniCluster is an integrated system that delivers better application and database performance with a surprisingly compact footprint. Here's a quick video that shows you just how easy it is to create a database instance with MiniCluster.

If you are unfamiliar with it, here are my top 10 reasons MiniCluster is a great platform for modern DBAs: 

  1. Strongest and easiest end-to-end security of any comparable system from any vendor
  2. Incredible performance suitable for practically every type of application built on Oracle Database
  3. Provides DevOps agility without compromising on application performance, reliability, security or cost
  4. Out-of-the-box, push-button PCI-DSS, DISA-STIG and CIS compliance with automated compliance scheduling and reporting
  5. Runs any combination of Oracle Database versions from 11gR2 onward using any Oracle Database license type on the same system at the same time. Oracle Enterprise Edition and Oracle Standard Edition databases are supported.
  6. No installation or training services required for implementation, patching, or day-to-day operations of the system
  7. Drastically lowers your Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware license costs when compared to other generic systems on the market
  8. Right size and price-point for the mass market: fits a huge number of customer workloads and budgets
  9. No Solaris OS or system administration skills are required for Oracle database deployments, and yet avail all the Software in Silicon features of Oracle SPARC processors.
  10. MiniCluster Virtual Assistant is a ground breaking tool that is included at no additional cost to the customer. Virtual Assistant simplifies system management, security, compliance reporting, database provisioning, etc. making admin’s lives easier. For a quick video on Oracle MiniCluster Virtual Assistant, watch this short video:

Need more proof points? For more information, please visit our MiniCluster product overview page or contact an expert to schedule a 30 minute demo.

Vamsee Kasavajhala is an industry veteran and Principal Product Manager for Engineered Systems at Oracle. He loves all things tech, is an avid sports nut and a lifelong San Antonio Spurs fan. You can reach him on twitter at @vskasa or in LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/kvamsee.

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