Thursday Oct 08, 2009

A Single Blog for Everything

As you saw, I've not blogged for a long time on this site. I managed two different blogs for a while, but now it's the time to condense everything on one of it; and the winner is: It's Just About Communication.

I moved all the old posts, so that it becomes the unique source of informations about myself and my job. You can find a bunch of new articles on the sidebar, pointing to the aforementioned blog.

See you on the new home!


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Monday Jun 15, 2009

Proven and Cost Effective BI Deployment Strategies with MySQL and Pentaho

What if you could evaluate, deploy and maintain a Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) solution for up to 90% less than the cost of proprietary software? What if you can find a solution that has been adopted by customers in all industries and is technically sound and scalable? 

You can, with open source Data Warehousing from MySQL and Business Intelligence from Pentaho.

Join this webcast to find out about real world BI/DW deployment strategies that that offer you robust capabilities, yet with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  

The MySQL and Pentaho solution has been proven in diverse deployments, from small companies to large enterprises. The subscription support model aligns customer and vendor interests, lowering both your costs and project risks. Join this webcast and learn how to be successful in your BI/DW projects. We will show you how MySQL and Pentaho can easily provide a complete end-to-end solution at a fraction of the cost of the proprietary products.

Please join us in this informative Italian Webinar.

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

New Recorded Webinars Available.

Sorry for the delay, as you can see I'm not a proficient blogger. :)

Anyway, I'd like to point out that in the last months I've delivered many new Italian webinars on interesting topics. The full list of recorded webinars can be found here:

Anyway it's worth to mention the latest like:

  • Migliorate le prestazioni con MySQL Query Analyzer;
  • Migrazione a MySQL, fa per voi; 
  • Come scalare MySQL con Sun Systems;

Many others are coming. Hint: Data Warehousing is one of the most interesting field for MySQL!

See you soon.


Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

3rd Gestionale Open Developer Conference

On January the 9th, 2009 I've presented at the 3rd Annual Gestionale Open Developer Conference. 

Gestionale Open is an open source ERP gathering interest in Italy, since it is compliant with local laws. This project has been started years ago by an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the field and now it's used by 100s of customers. They have concluded the porting to MySQL, which is now the default database for the product!

There were nearly 100 participants. Gestionale Open has catalyzed the interest of customers, distributors, software developers. It's nice to see complex business applications moving to open source.

The title of my presentation was: "Enterprise Innovation". I've chosen a banal title, but wishing to make an interesting dissertation on why MySQL is fuelling the innovation and who is using MySQL to seed projects and evolve from simple ideas to real business.

You can have a look at the presentation here:

If you need more informations on Gestionale Open feel free to look at:

Informations on MySQL are available here: 

Thanks to all who attended.

Friday Nov 21, 2008

New MySQL Italian Webinars on Demand

Dear MySQL fans, 

we have done many webinars in these months with good attendance. While thanking everyone for participating, it's my pleasure to announce that now everything has been published and available on demand. You can download a webinar and watch it offline in case you have missed it or you like to view it again. Have a look at

See you soon! 

Friday Nov 07, 2008

New Italian Webinars coming...

Dear Italian MySQLlers,

join us for two new webinars on High Availability and Scalability and on the upcoming MySQL Enterprise Fall Release. All details here:

In the first one on November the 13th we will explore various MySQL high availability technologies and architectures. We will explore the uses cases for when to implement MySQL Replication, MySQL Cluster, Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) and other high-availability technologies.

Join us on December the 9th to see how the MySQL Query Analyzer, a new feature to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor, helps keep your key MySQL systems up and running at the highest levels of scalability and performance by helping you analyze your most expensive application and user queries by total executions, total run time, total data size and drill down specifics across all of your MySQL servers.

See you soon!

Friday Aug 08, 2008

Discover MySQL 5.1, Italian Webinar

On Wednesday, September 17 there will be a web based seminar on MySQL 5.1. 

Seminar will be in Italian and anyone who is interested is invited to join us!

You can find details here.

If you are a database administrator or a developer and you are courious about new features coming with MySQL 5.1 then this is the right webinar to attend. In the meantime, to better understand MySQL 5.1, take have a look at "Inside MySQL 5.1" white paper.

See you soon! 


MySQL Workbench Italian Webinar, On-Demand!

Finally the on-demand version of the web based seminar is online. You can find recording here and you can also download presentation slides.

Please note that due to a technical problem in the time span  11:10 - 13:20 slides are not visible, but audio is good. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to everyone who attended!

Monday Jul 14, 2008

MySQL Workbench Italian Webinar

MySQL WorkbenchOn Thursday, July 17 there will be a web based seminar on MySQL Workbench. 

Seminar will be in Italian and anyone who is interested is invited to join us. You can find details here.

If you are a database architect and you usually work with data models this tool is going to make your life easier and you will learn some interesting features. In the meantime, to better understand the product, take have a look at, where you can download a copy of the community version, read blogs, contribute, discuss and learn.

Happy data-modeling!

Sunday Jun 15, 2008

Open Source Day, Rome - June 10, 2008

With a few days of delay, I want to share my impressions about Red Hat's Open Source Day presented in Rome on June 10, 2008.

The Event

Event was organized really well, Red Hat took responsibility of everything and all went smoothly toward the end. There were more than 200 attendees and the hall was crowded of Open Source enthusiasts, customers and others waiting for interesting speeches and a juicy agenda. General impression was very good, a lot of attention from both community attendees and customers willing to deeper their Open Source knowledge and listening to shining or emerging stars in the field.

A rich agenda gave everyone a bunch of new ideas to think about.


Luca Gargaglione catalyzed attendees attention by explaining How and Why MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. He gave us a quick overview of the diffusion, offer and markets served by MySQL. The crowd laughed knowing that MySQL is used even in the Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui in the Rapa Nui language). You can take a look at the presentation (in Italian) here.

During the entire day a lot of people were coming at our booth asking tough questions about future directions, possible use of MySQL and synergies between Sun products and MySQL RDBMS.


In Italy we are usually a bit skeptic about innovation, but this wasn't the case. A lot of enthusiasm, interest and fun pervaded the entire day. I came at home with a deeper understanding of Open Source and with a sincere desire of being an advocate (together with my company) of Open Source Software... and I hope to find many, many, many of us with the same desire.

Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

Introduction to Me!

Who Am I?

My name is Luca Olivari, I'm a technology enthusiast living in Italy. I was born in 1979 and I've created this blog having in mind a nice place to share thoughts about MySQL/Sun, Technology, Business Intelligence and other interestingness.

I'm currently working in Sun Microsystems as a Systems Engineer in MySQL Global Software practice and in my spare time I read, take pictures, travel, run and surf web2.0 sites. I'm interested in technology, science, marketing, communication, advertising, picture, classic books and many other things.

If you are in sync with my interests or you simply like to share something this is the right place.
Feel free to add comment to this post if you like to contribute in any other way to this blog.

I'm glad to meet you all!

If you want to look at some information about my personal interests let's have a look at
To see more information about me please locate my LinkedIn Profile on

I'm Luca Olivari and here are my Ideas on managing both Structured and Unstructured Data. I'm a Sales Engineer with MySQL, assisting customers in Italy, Iberia and Emerging Markets. I've a background on Business Intelligence and Sales. Nice to meet you.


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