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  • July 29, 2020

Questions You Asked - Database In-Memory Base Level Feature

Andy Rivenes
Product Manager

The Database In-Memory Base Level feature is now available in Oracle Database 19c with the release of the July 2020 19.8 Release Update. We just had an AskTOM Office Hours session dedicated to the 19c update and I posted the presentation portion on our Blog Resources page in the presentations section. In this post I wanted to address a couple of the questions that were asked in the AskTOM session and elaborate on the exclusion list:

Question: Does the Base Level feature work with Active Data Guard?
Answer: Yes, the Base Level feature works with Active Data Guard in the same way as the full Database In-Memory option does.

Question: Does column exclusion work with the Base Level feature?
Answer: No, column exclusion (i.e. ALTER TABLE table_name INMEMORY ... NO INMEMORY excluded_columns) is not supported in the Base Level feature.

Question: Does the Base Level feature work on Oracle Database SE2?
Answer: No, the Base Level feature is part of Database In-Memory and only runs with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

The full list of Database In-Memory Base Level feature exclusions is listed below:

•    In-Memory area size cannot exceed 16 GB
•    Compression – only MEMCOMPRESS FOR QUERY LOW
•    Excluded Columns – all table columns are populated
•    Automatic In-Memory (AIM) is disabled
•    The CELLMEMORY feature is disabled on Exadata
•    In-Memory Column Store feature tracking is disabled (but Base Level feature tracking is enabled)
•    Not available on Authorized Cloud Environments

These exclusions are also listed in the Oracle Database 19c Licensing Guide and in the first Base Level feature blog post.


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