Oracle Database In-Memory Base Level Feature

April 30, 2020 | 2 minute read
Andy Rivenes
Product Manager
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Oracle Database In-Memory will now have a "Base Level" feature. This will allow the use of Database In-Memory with up to a 16GB column store for no extra cost. That's not a typo. Database In-Memory will be free to use with up to a 16GB column store!

With Oracle Database 20c Preview we have introduced a new BASE_LEVEL value for the INMEMORY_FORCE parameter. When this new value is set the INMEMORY_SIZE parameter can be set up to a value of 16GB without having to license the Database In-Memory option. In fact, when the BASE_LEVEL value is set you cannot set the INMEMORY_SIZE parameter larger than 16GB. If you do then Oracle will generate an error message.

The 16GB limit applies at the container database (CDB) level. This means that all pluggable databases (PDBs) share the 16GB limit of the CDB. However, on RAC databases the Base Level feature allows a 16GB column store to be allocated on each RAC instance.

Feature tracking has been added to report usage of the Base Level feature as "In-Memory Base Level" so there should be no confusion as to whether the Base Level feature is being used or the full Database In-Memory option.

The new Base Level feature supports all Database In-Memory features except:
•    Automatic In-Memory  (AIM)
•    Compression levels other than MEMCOMPRESS FOR QUERY LOW
•    Excluded columns (all columns of a table are populated)
•    The CELLMEMORY feature on Exadata

The Base Level feature is also not available on Authorized Cloud Environments.

Other advanced Database In-Memory features like In-Memory Expressions, Join Groups, Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) and FastStart are available. For all of the details check out the Oracle Database documentation.

I am really excited about the new Base Level feature and the ability to "try out" Database In-Memory without having to license the full Database In-Memory option first. I think this will really highlight the value that Database In-Memory brings to analytic queries and showcase all of the features that are part of Database In-Memory. If you want to hear more about the new Base Level feature check out the Database In-Memory Base Level Summary on the DBIM YouTube channel. This is a shortened version of the Ask TOM Office Hours session on the Base Level feature that was held on April 29th.



Andy Rivenes

Product Manager

Andy Rivenes is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle Corporation and is a Product Manager for Database In-Memory. Andy has been working with Oracle products since 1992 and spent a large part of his career managing Oracle databases for both custom and E-Business Suite applications. Andy now spends his time helping customers implement Database In-Memory and providing information about Database In-Memory through blogs, conferences, and customer visits.

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