Oracle Database In-Memory and Multitenant Virtual Conference - July 11 and July 12th 2017

We are excited to organize a two half-day IOUG hosted virtual conference on July 11 and Jul 12 2017 for Oracle Database In-Memory and Multitenant. We hope you can join us for some great sessions on the coolest capabilities of Oracle 12c.   Tuesday       July 11th– In-Memory Wednesday July 12th– Multitenant   Timing for both days: 9AM-12Noon PST   Agenda & Registration link:   Please register at the earliest!

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What's New in 12.2: IM FastStart

In-Memory FastStart was introduced in 12.2 to speed up the re-population of the IM column store when an instance is restarted. IM FastStart works by periodically checkpointing IMCUs to a designated IM FastStart tablespace. This is done automatically by background processes. The motivation for FastStart is to reduce the I/O and CPU intensive work required to convert row based data into columnar data with the associated compression and IM storage indexes that are part of the...

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Oracle Database In-Memory On-Site Advisory Workshop

Who Are you an Oracle Database In-Memory customer but has not yet got around to unleashing its potential for blazingly fast analytics? Do you want to ensure you are targeting the right use case scenarios and getting the best bang for the buck? Do you need a helping hand from an expert to ensure early success of your initial deployment? What Oracle Database In-Memory, introduced in Oracle 12c, can supercharge your reporting and analytics workloads. It is super easy to use and get...

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What's New in 12.2: Join Groups

I'm starting a new series called "What's New in 12.2" and I will highlight the new Database In-Memory features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 as outlined in this blog post here and in the Database In-Memory technical white paper available here.To further improve join performance in 12.2 a new feature called Join Groups was introduced. A Join Group is created explicitly with a DDL statement and tells Oracle that the named columns will be used in joins. When a Join Group is...

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Top 5 Reasons Some People Might not Want Database In-Memory

 Database In-Memory is a class leading inmemory technology delivering orders of magnitude faster Analytics as well as significantly faster hybrid OLTP workloads. As Raj describes, Die Mobiliar made excellent use of this technology for real-time risk analysis. However, to be fair, inmemory speed and efficiency aren't for everyone,  so we tried to come up with .. Top 5  Reasons Some People Might Not Want Database In-Memory #5: They like taking coffee breaks while running reports,...

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Collaborate Bound!

The Database In-Memory team is just about on its way to Collaborate 17 (#C17LV) in Las Vegas! Tuesday will be the big day, starting with an updated Hands On Lab (HOL) with Product Manager Andy Rivenes (@TheInMemoryGuy) that includes new 12.2 features. Bring your laptop with SSH installed to the South Seas C ballroom from 9:45 am until 12 noon, and try out Database In-Memory on 12.2 for yourself. Next up will be Oracle Vice President Tirthankar Lahiri (@dbinmemory) who will be...

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