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What’s new in Oracle Application Container Cloud Service Release 17.2.1

Victor Ameh
Fusion Middleware Migration Consultant
Oracle Application Container Cloud Service instances are upgraded to use new features as they become available automatically to improve your ACCS experience. In this blog post we’d be looking at the recent features and enhancements introduced in this release in April 2017.

Oracle Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS) is an open highly available Docker
-based elastic polyglot cloud platform that provides a lightweight
infrastructure so that you can run applications in the Oracle Cloud.

ACCS is a polyglot cloud platform as you are able to deploy applications selections of popular language runtimes such as Node.js, Java SE and PHP applications. Your applications runs in a Docker container.

The new and updated features in release 17.2.1 include:

For further information and reference:

  • Specifying Manifest and Deployment Files in the Service Console. Now you can upload the
    manifest file, the deployment or both when you upload your archive. See Creating an Application in Using Oracle
    Application Container Cloud Service.
  • In Configuring Environmental variables there are new system environmental
    variables, public URL and instance name. See Configuring Environment Variables in Using Oracle Application Container Cloud Service
  • New commands for check-health and activities available in the accs
    category and a new caching category of commands in the PaaS Service Manager
    command line interface.
  • The maximum number of instances that can be configured per application is now 64.
  • A security IP list is automatically generated for an application during
    deployment that added to the security rule in Oracle Compute Cloud Service.


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  • pritam Sahoo Monday, September 4, 2017
    I want to learn more on oracle cloud
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