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WebLogic on ODA: Final release and new partner supported model

A new version of the WebLogic installation wizard for WebLogic on ODA is now available on OTN for download, and supports the latest release of ODA hardware and software.

With the latest release of WebLogic on ODA, which now supports the X5-2 hardware, we have come to a new chapter. Oracle partners around the world have been developing customized solutions using WebLogic on ODA for years now. Many of them started with the wizard-driven templates produced by the Oracle WebLogic engineering team, and then went on to design their own customized solutions by expanding on and embellishing these templates for their customers' unique needs. A great new value proposition is also being part of this new released version:

 solution-based support by experienced Oracle partners, who are ready and able to assist Oracle customers worldwide with new or existing solutions.

Release News: WLS on ODA on X5-2 Hardware

  • Certified on X5-2 ODA hardware / ODA SW
  • Templates for WebLogic 12.1.3, 12.1.2, 10.3.6
  • Oracle Traffic Director
  • Support for Infiniband
    • All templates are HVM; required for IB support for PCI passthrough
  • Critical bug fixes
    • CPUpool - default and ODAbase order agnostic
    • Parsing error for prechecks - WLS repo does not exist

New! Installation Model for WebLogic on ODA

  • Moving to a partner-supported model
    • Natural progression of customer need for customisation and accumulated learning/expertise
  • User guides for do-it-yourself installation
    • VM Deployment
    • VM install/config for WLS/OTD
  • Same robust Oracle Support
  • Same value proposition
  • Excellent value for customers, partners, sales

How Experienced Oracle Partners Can Help

  • Many partners today are creating customised and specialised solution running on WebLogic on ODA
  • Many will want to create or refine their own base templates for installing VMs, WeLogic/OTD, other middleware; this change increases their flexibility and choice to serve customer needs.
  • Customer seeking solution for small to medium sized IT project or application need expertise that spans hardware, database and middleware; our partners already have this expertise in house.
  • Partners with this expertise offer enhances value in "managed services" - patching, upgrades, maintenance, etc.

To locate a partner for technical assistance, visit solutions.oracle.com  and search for a local WebLogic 12c Specialised partner.

Customers can be referred to this WebLogic Server blog post that provides new resources and assets, including a "do-it-yourself" white paper guide for those who wish to continue on their own, plus partner resources and success stories for those who wish to get a jump start on their solutions by working with our very experienced partner community.

Please note that this will be the last official release of the WebLogic on ODA wizard-driven templates for installing WebLogic on ODA, however this does not impact the ODA installation process, nor the pricing and availability of WebLogic or OTD on ODA, nor the fact that this is still the best small engineered system available on the market today. 

Tune in to the "On the Air with ODA" sessions, to hear from our expert partners on some of the solutions currently offered on ODA.

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  • guest Thursday, December 10, 2015

    Does this mean Oracle will not ever release WLS on ODA templates?

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