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Using CloudBerry Explorer Tool for Managing Containers in Oracle Storage Cloud Service

Guest Author

Cloud Storage Service
provides secure, scalable and consistent, object storage
solution for storing and accessing data from any environment connected to the
Internet. For the time being it supports 2 approaches for creating and managing
containers: Java
API Reference
and REST
. However you can also use user friendly third party tool as CloudBerry
Explorer for OpenStack
for managing Storage Containers.

you need to download and install it: http://www.cloudberrylab.com/download-thanks.aspx?prod=cbosfree

Start the
utility, go to the File -> Add New
and then select Oracle Cloud

On the next
step you need to define settings for your new Oracle Cloud Storage Account:

- Display Name: any title you like, e.g. MyOracleCloudStorage

- User name: use pattern Storage-<your Oracle Cloud Identity Domain>:<your Oracle Cloud User Name>

- Password: use your Oracle Cloud password

- Authentication Service: e.g. https://us2.storage.oraclecloud.com/auth/v1.0

Leave Keystone version setting by default (Do not use), check account connection
with Test Connection button and
finally click OK to finalize
creation of the new account.

Once you
connected, select just created account item from Source dropdown list and then you will be able to manage you
storage containers:

Right click
on the containers panel and select New
to create new storage container:

Right click
on just created container and select Properties
to show container properties form:

you can perform any other operations on storage containers using nice CloudBerry
Explorer tool GUI.

Enjoy your Oracle
Storage Cloud Service!

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Diego Casas Tuesday, August 23, 2016


    In this moment the configuration changed. The username must start with storage-<identity_domain>:username (s lowercase).


    Diego Casas

  • Emin Askerov Friday, November 11, 2016

    Diego hi,

    You need to use Storage-<identity-domain>:<username> pattern, where <username> is the username of your Oracle Public Cloud, that has the correct rights to the Oracle Storage Cloud Service, and <identity-domain> is the name of your identity domain.


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