Thursday Mar 31, 2011

Partner Webcast - Oracle Real Application Testing

  The Oracle Real Application Testing (RAT) solution provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for assessing the impact of change on production Oracle databases, by capturing and replaying actual database workload  from Oracle database version 9i to 11g on. This unique solution provides greater business agility and reduces the risk and cost associated with database version upgrades.
  We understand your challenges involved when performing database migrations, updates or database infrastructure changes. In this webcast  we will address testing database changes, such as moving to 11g, based on production workload while reducing the effort involved. The goal is to show you how to minimize the risk involved in executing migration scenario's and how to be able to adopt new technologies faster.
  The 1-hour webcast is for Application Development, DBA Architects and Oracle Database Administrators who deliver high quality of service and provide for an agile organisation in a changing environment. Based on Oracle Database versions 9i, 10g and beyond, the webcast session will help attendees understand how to proactively:

•    Minimize risk, uncertainty of change and downtime when upgrading your production environments when changing database versions, operating systems, hardware and major patch upgrades.
•    Gain insight and assurance by simulating real-world production workloads on test & development databases using Database Replay.
•    Use SQL Performance Analyzer to identify and remediate performance regressions in test & development before end-users are impacted in production.
•    Reduce manual SQL tuning time up to 80%, improve performance and reliability by using the Oracle Tuning Pack.

Replay" the recording (conference key: 6613). 

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Wednesday Mar 16, 2011

Partner Webcast - Oracle Reports to BI Publisher migration


Oracle Reports, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware is Oracle's classic, high-fidelity enterprise reporting tool. Oracle remains committed to the development of this technology, and to the ongoing release as a component of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform, but also enables conversion of Oracle Reports to Oracle BI Publisher. Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)--Oracle's enterprise reporting server to author, manage, and deliver all types of highly formatted documents. Extremely efficient and highly scalable, BI Publisher can generate tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems. After a quick introduction to BI Publisher we will look at the process of Oracle Reports to BI Publisher convestion.



  • Oracle Reports strategy & support policy
  • Reporting challenges
  • Benefits of BI Publisher
  • Oracle Reports -> BI Publisher Conversion Utility
  • Demo
  • Upgrade BI Publisher to 11g
  • Q&A
Replay" the recording (conference key: 222555)

Or just watch the slides

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Partner Webcast - Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (previously called Sun Logical Domains) provides highly efficient, enterprise-class virtualization capabilities for Oracle's SPARC T-Series servers. Oracle VM Server for SPARC allows you to create up to 128 virtual servers on one system to take advantage of the massive thread scale offered by SPARC T-Series servers and the Oracle Solaris operating system. And all this capability is available at no additional cost.[Read More]

Thursday Feb 17, 2011

Partner Webcast - Focus on Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality 11g



Oracle offers an integrated suite Data Quality software architected to discover and correct today's data quality problems and establish a platform prepared for tomorrow's yet unknown data challenges. Oracle Data Profiling provides data investigation, discovery, and profiling in support of quality, migration, integration, stewardship, and governance initiatives. It includes a broad range of features that expand upon basic profiling, including automated monitoring, business-rule validation, and trend analysis. Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator provides cleansing, standardization, matching, address validation, location enrichment, and linking functions for global customer data and operational business data.It ensures that data adheres to established standards that are adaptable to fit each organization's specific needs.  Both single - and double - byte data are processed in local languages to provide a unique and centralized view of customers, products and services. During this webcast, Data Integration Solution Specialists will be providing a technical overview and a walkthrough.


  • Oracle Data Integration Strategy overview
  • A focus on Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator:
    • Oracle Data Profiling
    • Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator
  • Live demo
  • Q&A
For any questions please contact

You can Replay the recording (conference key: 1725)  or watch the slides.

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