Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

New IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Cloud Implementation Workshops scheduled from now until May 2016

There is a new series (more than 90!) of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Cloud Workshops available from now until May 2016 and remote participation is possible for most of them! The workshops are free, hands-on training, delivered by development experts![Read More]

Wednesday Oct 28, 2015

FMW & PaaS Webcasts Series For Partners in November

Are you able to attend Oracle OpenWorld sessions? Even though you are, you might not have enough time to visit all the sessions. Join us for the FY16 Oracle Cloud Platform and FMW Webcast Series Post Oracle OpenWorld in November to learn about Oracle OpenWorld PaaS and Fusion Middleware announcement.  That includes Java SE and Node Cloud Services, example of use cases, Mobile Cloud Service great features, Documents Cloud Service, Hybrid Cloud Integrations,

The benefits of Oracle Cloud running on on-premise, public and hybrid. These series of one hour sessions are presenting by Oracle Product Management Team, providing a summary of Oracle OpenWorld announcement and highlights.

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Thursday Oct 08, 2015

Partners Guide to Oracle Cloud - The Oracle Cloud Playbooks

OPN has published the Oracle Cloud Platform Strategic Partner Playbook for a while now, designed exclusively for partners. This was created in close partnership with Product Marketing, Product Development, and Global Marketing and we encourage Oracle partners to learn more and download the playbook

With digital transformation being one of the most talked about topics in our industry and with Cloud offering an excellent solution to this development, we need to educate ourselves and get access to relevant content sooner. Oracle cloud is becoming a key topic on our discussions, so the EMEA Cloud Enablement team has recently published a new practical Oracle Cloud Playbook for partners, to ensure that Oracle Partners have easy access to everything there is to know about the Oracle Cloud.

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Tuesday Sep 29, 2015

OPN: #28daysofcloud for Partners

Starting this week, watch for our 28 Days of Cloud series of informative content that will prepare your partners to better sell Oracle cloud offerings. 28 Days of Cloud is an immersive, prescriptive educational program that promotes a cloud first selling motion.

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Thursday Sep 10, 2015

Transforming Businesses to generate new revenue and to serve the customer better

The evolution of technology we are experiencing today clearly is changing the business, the society, the world.

The capabilities available today for consumers and businesses are stunning and were unthinkable just a few years ago. Just think about smartphones, tablets, the power of social media, the value of the data that is available once analyzed etc.

This technology is disruptive and that is why we need to talk about digital transformation. Driven by the combination of ever-growing digitization and evolving consumer demands the use of new technologies to drive significant business improvements is an imperative. Consumers today are expecting instant value from a very user friendly environment wherever they are and whatever channel they use. Businesses need to effectively transform existing business to be able to capitalize on new opportunities.

Digitization of the businesses and their processes and evolving consumer demands are driving the digital transformation.

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Saturday May 23, 2015

Webcast - Hybrid Cloud Integration Business Opportunities for Partners


Simplify Integration.

Customers are running their business applications in multiple ways; on–premise, hosted or as Cloud application (SaaS). There are demand and requirement to integrate these applications for better and more efficient communication, information sharing across different platforms and application packages to  improve ease of use and customer experience.

This webinar will give you insight into Oracle’s integration strategy and use cases from successful customers.

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