Saturday May 28, 2016

Oracle Partners Cloud Connection: Are you connected?

oracle-cloud-connectionOPN Cloud connection was launched back in Oracle Open World 2014, as a new community for partners to engage, explore and learn about the Oracle Cloud business opportunities. Since then it has evolved to a collaborative communication channel for Oracle employees and partners to exchange information for Oracle's PaaS offerings.

Have you joined the new one-stop shop for information on Oracle's Cloud Platform Services? Or still disconnected?

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Thursday Oct 08, 2015

Partners Guide to Oracle Cloud - The Oracle Cloud Playbooks

OPN has published the Oracle Cloud Platform Strategic Partner Playbook for a while now, designed exclusively for partners. This was created in close partnership with Product Marketing, Product Development, and Global Marketing and we encourage Oracle partners to learn more and download the playbook

With digital transformation being one of the most talked about topics in our industry and with Cloud offering an excellent solution to this development, we need to educate ourselves and get access to relevant content sooner. Oracle cloud is becoming a key topic on our discussions, so the EMEA Cloud Enablement team has recently published a new practical Oracle Cloud Playbook for partners, to ensure that Oracle Partners have easy access to everything there is to know about the Oracle Cloud.

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Monday May 26, 2014

Oracle Database 12c: Partner Material

Download the Oracle App on your iPhone, open the Oracle App, and select the AR Scanner.  Then point your phone at the image below to see Pluggable Databases, Automatic Data Optimization, and Data Redaction in action!

Oracle Database 12c offers the latest innovation from Oracle Database Server Technologies with a new Multitenant Architecture, which can help accelerate database consolidation and Cloud projects.

The primary resource for Partners on Database 12c is of course the Oracle Database 12c Knowledge Zone where you can get up to speed on the latest Database 12c enhancements so you can sell, implement and support this.

Still, the resources and material on Oracle Database 12c can be found all around, 
but even hidden in AR posters like the one on the left.

Here are some more useful resources

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Monday Sep 09, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle HCM & Taleo in Cloud: Modern HR Practices - 17 Sep 2013

The New World of HR
E-book: Oracle Human Capital Management
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There are 3 Key Aspects to the Future of Managing Human Capital
  • People - organizations will need to invest to grow their talent and retain their critical employees in a very competitive landscape for top people.
  • Process - the HR processes must be delivered in a transparent way to the business and must deliver on the promise to enable the organization to become more successful
  • Technology - that has to support the people and the processes needed and it must remain as current and state of the art as possible.

The strategy that Oracle has across all product lines is to simplify HR business processes by focusing on usability improvements, mobility and offering a compelling co-existence strategy in the Cloud.

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