Wednesday Jan 27, 2016

Partner Webcast – Oracle Forms 12c Upgrade: Assessing the Business Benefits

OracleForms12cOracle Forms and Reports is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, thus along with the general availability of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( ,Oracle Forms and Reports 12c (12.2.1) came along. Oracle's long-established technology to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently, continuous to evolve over the years, remaining the technology of choice for thousands of developers and partners worldwide. 

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Tuesday Feb 25, 2014

WebLogic Suite: Foundation Infrastructure for Oracle iAS (Internet App Server) Implementations

What's New for Oracle WebLogic Server

WebLogic has become the strategic application server infrastructure for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Applications.

It is designed to provide a standards-based, mission critical and secure platform for organizations developing and deploying large-scale, cloud environments.

Oracle iAS capabilities like Oracle TopLink and Oracle Coherence along with layered products such as Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Discoverer and Oracle Portal and others have been certified with the WebLogic Server infrastructure.

The J2EE runtime underlying Oracle Internet Application Server, Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) has had key capabilities converged and certified with WebLogic Server. The goal has been to enable Oracle customer investments in Oracle Internet Application Server to move forward seamlessly.

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Thursday Nov 24, 2011

Forms&Reports upgrade characterset issues


This quick post is based on my findings during recent IMC workshops, especially those related to upgrading the Forms 6i/9i/10g applications to Forms 11g platform. The upgrade process itself is pretty straightforward and it basically requires recompiling your Forms application with a latest version of frmcmp tool. For some cases though, especially when you migrate from Forms 6i which is a client-server architecture to a 3-tier web solution (Forms 11g), you need to rewrite some parts of your code to make it run on new platform. The things you need to change range from reimplementing (using webutil library) typical client-site functionality like local IO operation, access to WinAPI, invoking DLLs etc. to changing deprecated or obsolete APIs like RUN_PRODUCT to RUN_REPORT_OBJECT. To automate those changes Oracle provides complete Java API  which allows you to manipulate the code and structure of you modules (JDAPI). To make it even easier we can use Forms Migration Assistant tool (written in Java using JDAPI) which is able to replace all occurrences of old API entries with their 11g equivalents or warn you when the replacement is not possible. You can also add your own replacement definitions in the file. But you need to be aware of some issues that can be encountered using this tool.
First of all if you are using some hard-coded text inside your triggers you may notice that after processing them by the Migration Assistant tool the national characters may be lost. This is due to the fact that you need to explicitly tell Java application (which MA really is) what kind of characterset it should use to read those text properly. In order to do that just add to a script calling MA the following line: 


when the particular encoding must match the NLS_LANG in your Forms Builder environment (for example for Polish characterset you need to use ISO-8859-2).

Second issue you can encounter related to national charactersets is lack of national symbols in you reports after migration. This can be solved by adding appropriate NLS_LANG entry in your reports environment. Sometimes instead of particular characterset you see "Greek characters" in your reports. This is just default font used by reports engine instead of the one defined in your report. To solve it you must copy fonts definitions from your old environment (e.g. Forms 10g installation) to appropriate directory in new installation (usually AFM folder). For more information about this and other issues please refer to

at My Oracle Support site.

That's all for today, stay tuned for more posts on this topic!


Wednesday Mar 16, 2011

Partner Webcast - Oracle Reports to BI Publisher migration


Oracle Reports, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware is Oracle's classic, high-fidelity enterprise reporting tool. Oracle remains committed to the development of this technology, and to the ongoing release as a component of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform, but also enables conversion of Oracle Reports to Oracle BI Publisher. Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)--Oracle's enterprise reporting server to author, manage, and deliver all types of highly formatted documents. Extremely efficient and highly scalable, BI Publisher can generate tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems. After a quick introduction to BI Publisher we will look at the process of Oracle Reports to BI Publisher convestion.
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