Friday Aug 22, 2014

Partner Webcast - Oracle Data Integration Competency Center (DICC): A Niche Market for services

E-Book: Oracle Data Integration 12cMarket success now depends on data integration speed. This is why we collected all best practices from the most advanced IT leaders, simply to prove that a Data Integrationcompetency center should be the primary new IT team you should establish. This is a niche market with unlimited potential for partners becoming, the much needed, data integration services provider trusted by customers.

We would like to elaborate with OPN Partners on the Business Value Assessment and Total Economic Impact of the Data Integration Platform for End Users, while justifying re-organizing your IT services teams.

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Tuesday May 21, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for ODI: The importance of Quality in Data Integration - 30 May 2013

Trusted Data for Your Enterprise Applications 

According to the last researches from Gartner, Data Quality is one of the fastest growing areas in the IT industry, with a rate of 18% of Annual Compound Growth Rate - CAGR. Differing from past, there’s now a wider range of use cases. The importance of good quality data is not anymore referred only to customers, addresses, products. Beside these important data assets, there’s a growing interest in exploiting the new ‘wave’ of data, like social, machine generated, unstructured, Big Data. Consequently also these data must be of High Quality.

The key to success in many Data Integration projects is simply including a Data Quality tool that demystifies DQ as a complex task. With Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) collaborative and platform approach, we link the IT department and the Business, providing an easy and intuitive tool with the flexibility and productivity required by the IT department.

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Friday May 10, 2013

Partner Webcast - Oracle Data Integration Solutions for Partner Business - 23 May 2013

Oracle Data Integration - Moving Data to Transform Business: Watch Video

Moving Data to Transform Business

As there is such a fast growth of planned data integration projects, estimation of the available and free market share is more than 80% at the moment. Adoption of both, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate, continues to grow rapidly within the Oracle DBMS and applications customer base. This gives significant services and license resale opportunity for Oracle partners.

And finally, after placing significant engineering investments in these products we are preparing launch of new, consolidated and updatedOracle Data Integration specialization!

Both through our webcasts and the EMEA-wide DIS Community, we would like to prepare you for quick start. Participating in specialization beta testing you can be in the first group to reach this strategic Oracle specialization between all worldwide experts. Oracle has ready official recognition for such achievement!

During this webcast will help you to know how you could use next generation real time replica, ETL technology and data quality

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