Monday Jun 30, 2014

Welcome the New Oracle Weblogic Server 12.1.3 Release

If you remember, last summer Oracle has released Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 which introduced a lot of new enterprise features such as: Dynamic Clusters, Elastic JMS, Coherence Managed Servers, integration with Oracle Database 12c etc. From the developer’s perspective these were: WebSocket protocol support, OSGi, improving of Maven support and so on. All these features undoubtedly have been seriously improved WebLogic from high availability perspective and have made unparalleled product on the market for deploying application in the public, on-premise private cloud, engineered systems such as Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SPARC SuperClusters, Oracle Database Appliance Systems and conventional systems. [Read More]

Friday Jun 27, 2014

Partner Webcast – Modernizing Oracle Forms for the Cloud era

Oracle Forms is one of the most widely used tools for building applications for the Oracle database.  Many organizations still run enterprise Oracle Forms applications created in the 90s, leading in thousands of customers successfully running their core business systems on Oracle Forms technology. They now wonder about the future of their application.

While Forms has been used widely, there has been no simple way to take your existing Forms into the cloud era to address requirements such as mobile, mobile applications and integration.  Oracle provides a roadmap to modernize applications based on Oracle Forms technology by providing an incremental approach for developers who need to extend their business platform to Java

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Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

EMEA OTN Virtual Technology Summit - Hands-On Learning

The Virtual Technology Summit is a quarterly event brought to you by OTN.  Content will include highly technical demonstrations, presentations and Hands-On Labs delivered by Oracle Product experts. Oracle ACEs and Java Champions. 

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Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Configuring Oracle HTTP Server 12c for WebLogic Server Domain

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 12c 12.1.2 which was released in July 2013 as a part of Oracle Web Tier 12c is the web server component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. In essence this is Apache HTTP Server 2.2.22 (with critical bug fixes from higher versions) which includes modules developed specifically by Oracle. It provides a listener functionality for Oracle WebLogic Server and the framework for hosting static pages, dynamic pages, and applications over the Web. In the given post I would like to cover rather simple use case how to configure OHS as web proxy in Weblogic Cluster environment.[Read More]

Monday Jun 02, 2014

The Future of the Database Begins

The Future of the Database BeginsFor more than three-and-a-half decades, Oracle has defined database innovation, holding the #1 DBMS Market Share Worldwide.

With our leading technologies, Oracle customers have been able to out-think and out-perform their competition. Soon organizations will be able to do that even faster.

Oracle Database In-Memory. A Breakthrough Technology, Which Turns the Promise of Real-Time into a Reality

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Friday May 09, 2014

How to get started with OpenStack on Solaris

The expectations for an enterprise-class operating system are greater than ever. The new Solaris 11.2 is a game changer - the world's first Cloud Operating System now comes with out-of-the-box OpenStack tools. Oracle Solaris 11.2 is designed to meet Security, virtualization, software-defined networking, and manageability requirements of organizations, especially the ones where cloud computing has become a must-have capability

To get access to the leading-edge virtualization and systems management capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11.2—as well as the integrated OpenStack distribution—customers can now download the Oracle Solaris 11.2 beta. Here's how to get started exploring it.

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