Thursday May 21, 2015

Webcast - Oracle Document Cloud Service (DOCS): Technical Overview


Enterprise File Sync and Share in the Oracle Cloud.

This presentation provides technical detail with demo of the latest Oracle Document Cloud Services

There are many file sharing websites and services available to consumers and corporate companies in the market.  However, there is a lack of integration to the company policy and guideline that can integrate with the business processes and applications are being used; apply with the same security access to these services.  Oracle Document Cloud Services provides enterprise ready for File Sync and Share.

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Thursday May 14, 2015

Webcast - Oracle Integration Cloud Services (ICS): Technical Overview


Maximize the value of your investments in SaaS and on-premise applications through a simple and powerful integration platform in the cloud.

This presentation provides technical detail with demo of the latest Oracle Integration Cloud Services. 

Covering the technical architecture of Oracle Cloud Integration platform with Pre-integrated with Oracle SaaS applications, simplifies of SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premise integrations in just a few clicks.

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Thursday May 07, 2015

Oracle Enterpise for Eclipse (OEPE) in an existing Eclipse installation

Oracle's developer tools strategy is to offer the best possible developer tools choices to support diverse needs. When it comes to Java IDEs, while JDeveloper is Oracle’s owned developed Java IDE, Oracle covers Java 100% offers the industry's most complete array of Java IDEs.

Eclipse IDE is considered an essential tool by many Java EE Developers and we realize that many are actively using it and would prefer to continue to use it. It takes a long time to produce applications and maintain them, so developers are always looking to be more “agile”, especially nowadays with changing budgets and development strategies. There for the Java IDE being used is not just a matter of preference, but also efficiency and fast delivery.

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c (OEPE) provides an unparalleled development experience for Eclipse developers looking to create Java, Mobile (see webcast here ), and Web Enterprise Applications leveraging Oracle's Java and Middleware, Mobile, Database and Cloud Platforms.

The latest Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c ( release,

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Saturday Apr 25, 2015

Oracle Database Mobile Server 12c ( Released

Enterprise Mobility For Dummies Oracle Special Edition - freeBrand new Oracle Database Mobile Server, now available for download from OTN, is adding several new features including the use of Oracle NoSQL Database as the back end store and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS.

Oracle Database Mobile Server is designed to keep whole networks of mobile and embedded/M2M devices securely in sync with an enterprise backend, enabling native applications utilizing local data to enjoy the best of both worlds: high performance, low latency UI as well as the numerous advantages of having all your data organized and available in a centralized location.

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Thursday Apr 09, 2015

Consuming web-services via secured connection with self-signed certificate from MAF application

Most common way to expose existing services from enterprise applications to mobile environment is using SOAP and REST (JSON, XML) services for consuming data. However before our solution usually goes to production we perform testing in development and test environments. In some cases these environments could use self-signed certificates for secured connection. For instance, if we deploy our service to WebLogic Server it could be self-signed certificate which is automatically generated during default domain creation and must be replaced with signed certificate in production environment. I would like to remind that self-signed certificate is an identity certificate that is signed by the same entity whose identity it certifies unlike signed certificate which is issued by trusted Certificate Authority (e.g. VeriSign, Comodo, Symantec etc.). Signed digital certificates are definitely mandatory, if you are going to do any commercial transactions and any other operations with privacy data in your solution.

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Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

Exploring data streams with Oracle Stream Explorer - part 2

Webcast: Oracle's Fast Data Solutions at Oracle OpenWorldIn part 1 of this blog entry we’ve seen how you can easily create a twitter stream with Oracle Stream Explorer, an add-on for Oracle Complex Event Processing, and feed data into it

In this second part we’ll overview how the stream can be explored.

Creating an Exploration

An exploration is a real-time insight over a data stream, which can be filtered and summarized over specific time window. And best of all, an exploration is also a stream at the same time – it can provide input to further explorations or provide output to targets (csv file, REST, JMS…).

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