Friday Oct 10, 2014

Partner Webcast – Oracle Database 12c ( Are you ready for the Future of the Database?

Oracle Database 12c was launched over a year ago delivering the next-generation of the #1 database, designed to meet modern business needs, providing a new multitenant architecture on top of a fast, scalable, reliable, and secure database platform.

A couple months ago, Oracle Database was made available for download, being the most comprehensive patch set we've ever built, adding exciting new features and key options, such as In-Memory Option, but also with many fixes over the already very stable first release of Oracle Database 12c.

The future of Database has begun with Oracle Database 12c. Are you ready? Or are you going to stay behind? 

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Monday Sep 01, 2014

Webcast - Oracle Multitenant Option

Designing the Database Cloud - A Webcast for ArchitectsOn their road to adoption of Oracle Database 12c, many are considering the Multitenant Database Architecture, where a multitenant container database can hold many pluggable databases, enabling easier consolidation of multiple databases, without changes in applications.

This new architecture delivers all the benefits of managing many databases as one, yet retains the isolation and resource prioritization of separate databases.  [Read More]

Thursday May 08, 2014

Oracle Development Tools for Windows & .NET

Oracle .NET

Interoperability between Oracle and Microsoft technologies around Oracle database support on Windows and with .NET application development have been substantial for years. The latest generation of the world’s most popular database has been designed for the Cloud with the new multitenant architecture and several other extensive enhancements and new features, including a new set of developer tools .

Oracle offers a complete and integrated set of application development and business intelligence tools that supports any development approach, any technology platform, and any operating system. With Oracle's extensive support, developers can take full advantage of all new features.
Amongst the new Developer Tools, .NET Development is fully supported through Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) and specific Developer Tools for Visual Studio.

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Saturday Dec 07, 2013

Partner eSeminars: Oracle Database 12c

Learn about Oracle Database 12c in this exclusive series of live webcasts from Oracle Database Product Management. Oracle Database 12c is Oracle's new release of the Oracle Database with features for consolidation and cloud deployments. 
In these EMEA focused Internet Seminars, participants will learn more about Oracle Multitenant, Automatic Data Optimization and the HA new features of Oracle Database 12c.[Read More]

Thursday Sep 12, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle Database 12c: Reducing Upgrade Risk Using Oracle Products - 26 Sept 2013

Oracle Database 12c includes exciting new features such as the Oracle Multitenant option, Oracle Active Data Guard Far Sync, information lifecycle management enhancements and new data types just to name a few.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of these and other new features will need to upgrade their existing databases to the latest Oracle Database 12c. Upgrading the database is a task that Database Administrators plan for, ahead of time, with great caution. This is because of the risk involved in upgrading a production system. This risk can be summarized in the following question:

How will the application(s) hosted by the database behave next to the upgrade?

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Thursday Jun 27, 2013

Oracle Database 12c is Generally Available

Larry Ellison: Oracle Database 12c Is Vastly More Efficient

Oracle Database 12c, a major release of Oracle’s flagship product, is generally available as of 25 June 2013. Oracle Database 12c is officially launched

Oracle Database 12c introduces a breakthrough, new multitenant architecture enabling customers to create multiple, pluggable databases for database consolidation and cloud deployments.

Customers will realize greater efficiency and flexibility through innovations such as Oracle Multitenant option and Automatic Data Optimization with Heat Map, for compressing and tiering data at a higher density. These unique advancements, combined with major enhancements in availability, security, and big data support, make Oracle Database 12c the ideal platform for private and public cloud deployments.

As of 25/06/2013, the product is available for download on Linux x86-64, Solaris Sparc64 and Solaris (x86-64) via Oracle Technology Network.

A news release is planned for July 1st, and an external launch webcast, Plug into the Cloud with Oracle Database 12c, featuring Mark Hurd, Andy Mendelsohn, Tom Kyte and other experts is planned for July 10th.

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