Friday Sep 06, 2013

ADF Mobile Push notifications demo on Apple iOS

After the webcast on ADF Mobile, delivered on the 29th of August 2013, I’m going to post the source code for the demos in the next few weeks. 

Starting with the "ADF Mobile Push notifications" demo on Apple iOS.

What do you need

1. JDeveloper with ADF Mobile extension

2. A Mac, Xcode and access to the Apple developer portal

3. Apple push notifications certificate and deployment profile

4. A physical iOS device, as push notification service does not work with the simulator

Documenting how to obtain Apple push notifications certificate is out of scope of this post, but if you search for “apple push notification services certificate” you should find some tutorials that describe the process.

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Thursday Aug 22, 2013

New WebCenter release goes Mobile

Smartphones and tablets are proliferating throughout the consumer market. This enables a mobile, always-connected workforce for many companies with B.Y.O.D. (bring-your-own-device) policies. Oracle partners are under pressure to provide mobile solutions for their clients to check email, progress issues, respond to alerts, and make and communicate decisions while on the go without having to get to their laptop and log in to the corporate network. In turn, our partners ask us how we can help them with these mobile solutions.

WebCenter 11gR1 was released on August 14, 2013 and this release includes updates across the portfolio of Portal, enterprise content management (Content) and capture, and Web experience management products (Sites). 

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Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle ADF Mobile: What’s new in ADFM - 29 August 2013

Oracle offers sophisticated Java frameworks to help develop faster, scalable, secure applications that support today’s needs and adapt to future trends.

Oracle ADF Mobile enables developers to build and extend enterprise applications for iOS and Android from a single code base. Based on a hybrid mobile architecture, ADF Mobile supports access to native device services, enables offline applications and protects enterprise investments from future technology shifts.

In this one hour webcast we’ll show you some new features available in the latest ADF Mobile release showcase how to secure ADF Mobile application and show some tricks you can use to develop custom mobile applications.

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Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

Oracle’s Mobile Platform: Enabling the Mobile Enterprise

Mobile phones are an integral part of daily life—people are using them to replace everything from cameras to cash registers, and increasingly, to access enterprise applications. As a result, IT shops face growing user pressure to get mobile applications up and running quickly. But at the same time, IT leaders want a consistent architecture that allows cross-channel development and deployment across all platforms—Web, mobile, and otherwise. 

With Oracle’s mobile platform, built on Oracle Fusion Middleware, companies can empower business users with modern business applications while still delivering choice and flexibility for IT in how they build, integrate, secure, and maintain their mobile infrastructure. The following are the three primary approaches used for building mobile applications today.[Read More]

Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

Partner Webcast - Extend Your Application Reach to Mobile Devices. The Fusion Way!

Mobile access to enterprise applications is fast becoming a standard part of corporate life. Such applications increase organizational efficiency because mobile devices are more readily at hand than their desktop counterparts. However, the speed with which mobile platforms are evolving creates challenges as enterprises define their mobile strategies.

Extending Oracle Enterprise and Fusion Applications to mobile devices comes natural with Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile, which provides all the necessary tools, services, and infrastructure to protect against technology shifts.

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