Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Oracle ADF - Getting started with Maven

As a developer you will find yourself working on commercial project which requires you to use build tools. If you want to have Continuous Delivery of your application on Oracle Cloud Services, then build tools are must and Oracle ADF comes with the ability to used Maven as a build tool.

Apache Maven is a widely used tool for managing and automating the build process. It is also used for project management, in particular dependency and release management. It provides consistent and automated build, test and deployment of applications built using JDeveloper

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Friday Feb 06, 2015

Partner Webcast – Enterprise Mobility: Remote Data Synchronization in Oracle Mobile Application Framework

Oracle Enterprise Mobility

Digital disruption –  you have probably heard this concept quite many times recently and this is for a reason. Disruption means changing old ways of doing things, especially in business. Many enterprises (or at least their CIOs) found themselves lingering between the fears of losing control and being left behind the competition and hopes for substantially improving the way the company does its business. Enterprise Mobility is the area where both the hopes and fears rise particularly high, making the decision really hard without support from software vendors, who can provide technology, experience and confidence in taking the next big step.

Oracle’s Mobile Application Framework (MAF) is one of those technologies which can make it easier to leverage apparently infinite potentials of enterprise mobility.

In this webcast we would like to focus on one particular challenge you usually encounter when you build your enterprise mobile solution: data synchronization. 

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Monday May 26, 2014

Oracle Database 12c: Partner Material

Download the Oracle App on your iPhone, open the Oracle App, and select the AR Scanner.  Then point your phone at the image below to see Pluggable Databases, Automatic Data Optimization, and Data Redaction in action!

Oracle Database 12c offers the latest innovation from Oracle Database Server Technologies with a new Multitenant Architecture, which can help accelerate database consolidation and Cloud projects.

The primary resource for Partners on Database 12c is of course the Oracle Database 12c Knowledge Zone where you can get up to speed on the latest Database 12c enhancements so you can sell, implement and support this.

Still, the resources and material on Oracle Database 12c can be found all around Oracle.com, 
but even hidden in AR posters like the one on the left.

Here are some more useful resources

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Monday Jul 02, 2012

Partner Webcast – Weblogic for Developers - 12 July 2012

Oracle Weblogic Server is the industry’s leading application server for deploying Java EE applications with support for new features for lowering cost of operations, improving performance and enhancing scalability.

But it’s also a great choice for the Java developers because of the differentiating capabilities that facilitate integration with other tools and frameworks, promote reusability and rapid redeployment of your applications.

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Monday Mar 19, 2012

Oracle Access Manager 11g - useful links

The main idea of this post is to collect in a single place the links to the most useful resources for everybody who are interested in Oracle Access Manager 11g. 

Oracle Access Manager 11g provides a comprehensive identity management and access control system that simplifies user access across applications. 

If you have something valuable to add to this list - just let us know.

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