Thursday Mar 13, 2014

Oracle IT Architecture Certification Program

Oracle IT strategiesYears of experience in implementing the world’s most complex business and technology projects have provided Oracle the expertise to meet any strategic goal. Helping you evaluate products is just one step and Oracle has provided industry-leading documentation for product functionality.
With the IT Strategies from Oracle series, Oracle augmented this documentation with guidance on how to deliver business solutions using information technology. The primary audience for the series is architects chartered with the technical evaluation and implementation of business solutions based on information technologies within their organization.

Oracle enterprise architects approach new implementations on a holistic level, rather than on a project-by-project basis. They offer a deep understanding of how technology—including Oracle’s vast product portfolio—impacts enterprisewide alignment, governance, and business processes.

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Thursday Feb 06, 2014

Partner Webcast – Oracle WebLogic Server Management using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Cloud Odyssey: A Hero's Quest

Increasingly, applications running on applications servers truly represent the customer experience. As a result, the traditional line between mission-critical and non-mission critical applications is blurring. The ongoing need for rapid and cost-effective deployment and scale, near zero downtime tolerance, the ability to upgrade and sustain live environments is a key factor for success in today’s connected IT world.

Oracle WebLogic Server is the recognized leader in the application server market by industry analysts and, more importantly, by customers who have experience using and owning several leading vendor products.

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive management solution for Oracle WebLogic Server

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Friday Nov 22, 2013

Partner Webcast - Oracle E-Business Suite: Strategy and Roadmap - 10 Dec 2013

Oracle E-Book - The Expanding Role of the CFO
Oracle has recently released E-Business Suite Release 12.2, with a new user experience and hundreds of cross-industry capabilities spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain planning, our most current release helps customers manage the complexities of global business environments no matter if the organization is small, medium or large in size.  Several Oracle E-Business Suite customers have already implemented or upgraded to the latest release, achieving real business results.

As part of Oracle’s Applications Unlimited strategy, Oracle’s E-Business Suite applications will continue to be enhanced, thus protecting and extending the value of your software investment.

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Tuesday May 21, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle Enterprise Data Quality for ODI: The importance of Quality in Data Integration - 30 May 2013

Trusted Data for Your Enterprise Applications 

According to the last researches from Gartner, Data Quality is one of the fastest growing areas in the IT industry, with a rate of 18% of Annual Compound Growth Rate - CAGR. Differing from past, there’s now a wider range of use cases. The importance of good quality data is not anymore referred only to customers, addresses, products. Beside these important data assets, there’s a growing interest in exploiting the new ‘wave’ of data, like social, machine generated, unstructured, Big Data. Consequently also these data must be of High Quality.

The key to success in many Data Integration projects is simply including a Data Quality tool that demystifies DQ as a complex task. With Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) collaborative and platform approach, we link the IT department and the Business, providing an easy and intuitive tool with the flexibility and productivity required by the IT department.

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Saturday May 19, 2012

Partner Webcast - Oracle Cloud Platform with EM12c - 14 June 2012

Oracle Cloud Computing with EM12cWith all the cloud deployment choices available today—public, private, and hybrid—and all the service choices—software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service—customers need to determine the right mix for their IT and business needs, making Cloud a huge opportunity for partners.

Attend this event to learn about the Oracle cloud strategy and how you our partners can leverage our offering to expand your business. We'll cover getting customers excited about the technology, how to help them deploy and answer their questions, as well as challenges associated with each phase.

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