Monday Apr 18, 2016

9 Days of Learning About Engineered Advantages

Welcome to 9 Days of Engineered Advantages, a comprehensive educational program that examines the unique differentiators of Oracle’s Engineered Systems portfolio. The program has been made available to Oracle partners and if you are managing a partner for Oracle then you should also attend – each event lasts just 15 minutes!

The content will help you fully understand how these products – architected from apps to storage by a single engineering team – are optimized for critical workloads and deliver the best value proposition in the market.

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Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Partner Webcast – Oracle PaaS: Exadata Database on Cloud

Cloud computing is known for many things: cost effectiveness, flexibility, scalability. IT of our generation needs to adapt to cloud exactly for the above reasons.But extreme performance has not been one of those things. Until now.

Oracle has engineered Oracle Exadata Database Machine to support all the rich database functionality it has built over the decades, with extreme performance and availability. Now, Oracle is upping the ante in online database services by making available in the cloud its highest-performing database engineered system.

Oracle Database Cloud – Exadata Service designed for the cloud

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Thursday Nov 12, 2015

Partner Webcast – Oracle Private Cloud Solutions for IaaS and PaaS

Computer World Survey: What are customers saying about cloud requirements?
Even though the cloud computing could make a significant difference to your business, relegating governance and control to someone else isn't simply an option. With enterprise private cloud solutions, you can have the benefits of cloud along with the governance and control your organization requires.

Private cloud solutions make sense for organizations that
  • Have a strategic commitment to IT investment and want to keep their cloud applications and environments in-house
  • Have security or compliance requirements that don't allow transactions outside the firewall
  • Need performance levels not available elsewhere
  • Plan to consolidate data centers and operations
  • Want to leverage existing investments to get the benefits of cloud with minimal disruption

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Thursday Feb 05, 2015

The Next-Generation of Oracle Engineered Systems: New Markets, New Opportunities for Partners

On January 21st Larry Ellison announced the next generation of Oracle Engineered Systems as the cornerstone of the Oracle strategy for reducing customer costs and increasing value.

The announcement included

  • the sixth-generation Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5 with virtualization capabilities,
  • Oracle's new Virtual Compute Appliance X5,
  • and Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System.
This new generation of Engineered Systems not only delivers the highest performance in the industry but it also comes at the lowest purchase price for the data center core infrastructure.


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Wednesday Sep 10, 2014

Partner Webcast – Managing Exadata with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c - Winner of Two DBTA Readers' Choice Awards

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is system management software that delivers centralized monitoring, administration, and life cycle management functionality for the complete Oracle IT infrastructure, including engineering systems. With a broad set of end-to-end monitoring, administration, configuration management, provisioning, and security capabilities, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control reduces the cost and complexity of managing computing environments.

Oracle EM12c is using a holistic approach to manage Oracle Exadata Database Machine allowing administrators to monitor and manage Exadata hardware and software from single console.

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