Friday Jun 24, 2016

Training On-demand: Exadata and Big Data Implementation Specialists Bootcamps

In conjunction with our colleagues from Global enablement we are pleased to offer training on Demand Boot Camps for Exadata and Big Data to Oracle key partners in EMEA. These cutting edge products offer a great business opportunity for our partners with a huge revenue growth potential. Training format and scheduled dates can be found in the registration links provided below.

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Sunday Jun 19, 2016

An Eye Opener - Oracle Data Visualization

Making sense of your data shouldn't be tough!

Visualizing data is a big part of making it understandable, actionable and in general useful. Oracle Data Visualization is stunningly visual and allows everyone to explore more data and gain new insights faster. 

Data is available on premises, in the cloud, and on the desktop, data can be structured and unstructured and a Data Visualization tool should effectively allow to work with any data, anytime, anywhere.

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service makes rich, powerful visual analytics accessible to every business user, while Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD) is a standalone capability that provides the same on your desktop.

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Thursday Jun 16, 2016

Oracle Partner Community - EPM BI Big Data Bulletin June 2016

When you prototype and pilot a Big Data Hadoop solution, you may start on the cloud or a cluster of commodity servers.  However, I have heard from many partners that the transition to production is often delayed and put at risk when trying to scale up infrastructure. You and your client then need to think about DIY or Build? (Weighing up Infrastructure Options for Big data). The good news is that on-premise Big Data deployments are much easier with “Hadoop Optimized Systems”, and Forrester has just ranked Oracle’s Big Data Appliance (BDA) Top of its charts.

Meanwhile, Data Visualisation is exploding into the market because it adds so much value so easily – so check out the Oracle Data Visualisation License Pricing and download your own copy of Data Visualisation Desktop (DVD).

EPM is also proving to be very popular on the cloud, with Oracle now overtaking all the other EPM cloud vendors, and we continue to expand with three new EPM Services.
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Sunday Jun 05, 2016

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service for Visual Face of Big Data

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service introduced by Oracle offers all the capabilities of Oracle Big Data Discovery 1.1as well as push-button provisioning and easy cloud life cycle management. It provides a single, easy to use product for anyone to transform raw data into business insight in minutes, without the need to learn complex tools or rely only on highly specialized resources.

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service provides a set of end to end visual analytic capabilities that leverage the power of the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Apache Spark to turn raw data into business insight in minutes, without the need to learn specialist big data tools or rely only on highly skilled resources. 

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Wednesday May 04, 2016

Partner Webcast - Oracle Database Cloud Service: Cloud Migration Options

playOracle’s Public Cloud leverages existing technologies and best practices to deliver Oracle Database Technologies utilizing Oracle’s secure and optimized cloud-computing platform. At you will discover a number of platform services that are the same proven technologies that have made Oracle the world’s #1 provider of database management software.

It's the same familiar Oracle database – now in a cloud.  A complete instance of the familiar Oracle Database, including access to all of the most advanced Oracle Database 12c features and options of the industry's #1 database, available with a simple pay-as-you-go model in the cloud. 

Moving your business critical data to the cloud in a secure and efficient manner can be a concern, especially when dealing with large volumes of data, data movement can be a challenge. 

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Monday Apr 04, 2016

Oracle Cloud Machine - Move the Cloud to your Data Center

While public cloud computing would make a significant difference in your business, handing the governance and control to someone else isn't always simply an option. The cloud is generally perceived as being “out there”—somewhere in the ether chugging away at its computing chores.

But what if you could turn cloud computing inside out—bring its speed, flexibility, and ease of use right into your data center?

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