Friday Sep 18, 2015

Partner Webcast – Developers Continuous Delivery Using Oracle PaaS Cloud Services

Cloud computing is now broadly accepted as an economical way to share a pool of configurable computing resources. Several companies plan to move key parts of their development workloads to public clouds to take advantage of rapid implementation options, dynamic scalability, and subscription-based pricing models.

Development teams are looking for agile and scalable ways to deliver applications, while business is looking for quicker turn around time on application development; hence the need for Continuous Delivery is introduced.

Oracle has a rich set of Oracle Cloud PaaS offerings that accommodate many different development scenarios.

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Wednesday Sep 16, 2015

Using CloudBerry Explorer Tool for Managing Containers in Oracle Storage Cloud Service

Oracle Cloud Storage Service provides secure, scalable and consistent, object storage solution for storing and accessing data from any environment connected to the Internet. For the time being it supports 2 approaches for creating and managing containers: Java API Reference and REST API. However you can also use user friendly third party tool as CloudBerry Explorer for OpenStack for managing Storage Containers.[Read More]

Monday Sep 14, 2015

Oracle Java Cloud Service now available in EMEA datacenters!

Great news for Oracle customers and partners who have the requirement to host their cloud based solutions within the EU - Java Cloud Service is now available in the Oracle EMEA datacenters!

This video will give you a quick introduction to the EMEA datacenters:

Note that provisioning JCS in EMEA datacenter is only possible for new instances at the moment, information on migrating existing instances will be available at a later time.

Jernej Kaše is a Fusion Middleware Specialist working closely with Oracle Partners in the ECEMEA region to grow their business by leveraging Oracle technology.

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Friday Sep 11, 2015

Oracle Big Data Integrator Transforms and Enriches Big Data

Webcast Series: Introducing Oracle Data Integrator for Big DataOracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements: from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services.  Oracle  continuously Expands Data Integration Portfolio and Adds New Data Integration Technologies.

Back in April, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data. This release is the latest in the series of advanced Big Data updates and features that Oracle Data Integration is rolling out. Oracle's flagship product for bulk data movement and transformation, Oracle Data Integrator, is a critical component of Oracle’s Big Data strategy. 

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Thursday Sep 10, 2015

Transforming Businesses to generate new revenue and to serve the customer better

The evolution of technology we are experiencing today clearly is changing the business, the society, the world.

The capabilities available today for consumers and businesses are stunning and were unthinkable just a few years ago. Just think about smartphones, tablets, the power of social media, the value of the data that is available once analyzed etc.

This technology is disruptive and that is why we need to talk about digital transformation. Driven by the combination of ever-growing digitization and evolving consumer demands the use of new technologies to drive significant business improvements is an imperative. Consumers today are expecting instant value from a very user friendly environment wherever they are and whatever channel they use. Businesses need to effectively transform existing business to be able to capitalize on new opportunities.

Digitization of the businesses and their processes and evolving consumer demands are driving the digital transformation.

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Sunday Sep 06, 2015

Partner Webcast – Oracle Big Data Discovery of Value

In today’s world of Big Data, investment in the data reservoir is growing, as companies seek to get analytic value out of data resources. But it can be difficult to get true analytics value from that investment, fast enough as data uncertainty and tool complexity can stand in the way. A fundamentally new approach is required. One that capitalizes on investments and people, so the potential in Big Data could be realized quickly; making it better to unlock it for everyone.

So what’s next for Big Data?

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