Saturday Jan 25, 2014

Partner Webcast - Oracle Mobility Business Awareness - 29 Jan 2014

According to many analysts, the number of mobile devices users will exceed the number of computer users by the end of 2013, and will become the dominant platform for accessing applications and Internet. There is already an excess of 6 billion mobile devices in usage worldwide !

Oracle’s Mobile Platform Creates New Opportunities and Innovation for the Future

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Sunday Dec 01, 2013

Partner Webcast – Oracle Forms Modernization Practices - 12 Dec 2013

Oracle Forms & Reports, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, is Oracle's long-established technology to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently. It has proved to be extremely successful, both among third party ISVs as well as at Oracle itself – Oracle’s E-Business Suite is an example. Although this technology is now 20 years old, Oracle remains committed to the development of Forms and Reports, and to the ongoing release as components of the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform. This continuing commitment to Forms technology enables you to leverage your existing investment by easily upgrading and integrating existing Oracle Forms applications to take advantage of the latest web technologies like ADF, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM) and others. 

Many organizations run enterprise Oracle Forms applications created in the 90s. If you’ve done investments in Oracle Forms and you are looking for a way to modernize your solution you should be aware of the modernization strategies that exist for your Oracle Forms applications.

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Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

What's new in Oracle BPM 11g PS6 - Webcast Q&A

Next to our Partner Webcast Oracle Business Process Management: What’s new in Oracle BPM delivered earlier this month on the 04th of July 2013, where we focused on the new features available in the latest release of the Oracle BPM 11g, we've received a few questions that we would like to address.

Here is a summary of these questions, along with some links to additional resources and content.

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Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

Partner Webcast - Oracle Business Process Management: What’s new in Oracle BPM - 04 July 2013

Business processes are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business—and what differentiates it from the competition. Business processes that deliver operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer experience, and agility give the enterprise an edge over the competition. Business managers need process management tools that enable them to make impactful changes.

Oracle has been always a leader in this area and the new version of Oracle BPM 11g takes that even further by providing complete web based process modeling, simulation and implementation including designing the user interface and business logic.

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Friday Nov 16, 2012

Virtual Developer Day: Oracle Fusion Development

Do you want get up to date and learn everything you wanted to know about Oracle ADF & Fusion Development plus live Q&A chats with Oracle technical staff?

Join us on Dec, 11, 2012 9:00 - 13:00 GMT at this FREE virtual event and learn the latest in Fusion Development
including Introduction to Fusion Development,What's New, Fusion Development in the Enterprise, Hands On Labs like WebCenter Portal, ADF Lab w/ JDeveloper, and much more.

Developer lead, manager or architect – this event has something for everyone. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Thursday Oct 04, 2012

Partner Webcast – Introducing Oracle Business Activity Monitoring - 18 October 2012

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (Oracle BAM), a component of both SOA Suite and BPM Suite, is a complete solution for building interactive, real-time dashboards and proactive alerts for monitoring business processes and services.

Oracle BAM gives both business executives and operational manager’s timely information to make better business decisions. A Real-time Business Visibility Solution that allows to monitor business services and processes in the enterprise, to correlate KPIs down to the actual business process themselves, and most important, to change business processes quickly or to take corrective action if the business environment changes.

Let us show you how BAM provides a powerful insight, through Real-Time Dashboards, that can be a competitive edge for all your customers.

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