Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data- Using the power of cloud

Oracle simplified the process of unlocking business value from big data with the announcement of Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data. In the past years, Oracle has engaged heavily delivering an extensive on-premises big data portfolio. Now Oracle is continuing to bring its on-premises technologies to the cloud and the new services join the already available Cloud Services.

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service provides Hadoop clusters in the cloud, a high-performance, secure platform for running diverse workloads. A subscription to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service gives you access to the resources of a pre-configured Oracle Big Data environment,

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Friday Sep 11, 2015

Oracle Big Data Integrator Transforms and Enriches Big Data

Webcast Series: Introducing Oracle Data Integrator for Big DataOracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements: from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services.  Oracle  continuously Expands Data Integration Portfolio and Adds New Data Integration Technologies.

Back in April, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data. This release is the latest in the series of advanced Big Data updates and features that Oracle Data Integration is rolling out. Oracle's flagship product for bulk data movement and transformation, Oracle Data Integrator, is a critical component of Oracle’s Big Data strategy. 

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Saturday Sep 05, 2015

Take Big Data Discovery for a test drive!

If your business even remotely relates to business analytics, you've probably heard of Oracle Big Data Discovery.A stunningly visual, intuitive product that enables you to leverage the power of Hadoop and turn raw data into business insight in minutes—without learning complex products or relying only on specialists.  

If you haven't, here's a quick overview

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Friday May 22, 2015

Oracle Big Data Appliance X5-2 with Big Data SQL for the DBA

During January 2015, Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison announced Oracle’s next-generation engineered systems, the fifth generation X5. The X5 portfolio of Oracle's Engineered Systems includes among others the X5 Big Data Appliance for Hadoop and NoSQL big data jobs. 

Big data is by far the most prevalent technology trend today, according to a recent study by consulting firm Capgemini. However, almost 80 percent of organizations have not achieved full-scale production of their big data initiatives.

Oracle Big Data Appliance is a high-performance, secure platform for running diverse workloads on Hadoop and NoSQL systems.

With the addition of Oracle Big Data SQL, Oracle Big Data Appliance extends Oracle’s industry-leading implementation of SQL to Hadoop and NoSQL systems, allowing to use existing SQL skills to query any data source.

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Tuesday Jul 22, 2014

Oracle Big Data SQL -Your All-Access Pass to Big Data

What if a single Big Data breakthrough could enable you to simply reuse the skills you already have to access all your data in Hadoop, allowing you to leverage existing applications to query Hadoop, while keeping new data as secure as your existing enterprise data?

Oracle recently introduced Oracle Big Data SQL, an essential part of a big data management system. Oracle's unique approach to providing unified query over data in Oracle Database, Hadoop, and select NoSQL datastores.  Big Data SQL offers you the capacity of One Fast SQL Query for All Your Data

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Monday Jan 06, 2014

Partner Webcast – Oracle Engineered Systems & Partner Service Opportunities

Month in the Life of an Oracle Exadata Admin Series Operations WorkbookThe old way to buy servers, storage and networking equipment in different cycles has reached its end. Today we see a trend towards buying integrated systems that are tested, certified, sold and deployed as a single unit.

"IDC expects 1/3rd of the market to move to Integrated Systems by 2016" 
ref: IDC Converged /Integrated Systems Survey, September 2012 (N=300)

Oracle Engineered solutions provide a consolidated, integrated & tested configurations, there is much less risk to partners who sell & deploy them. Oracle’s offering in Engineered Systems and Appliances continues to grow giving Oracle Partners even greater opportunities.

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