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Speak.AI into the Oracle Digital Assistant Team and AI-Voice for the Enterprise.

Catalin Pohrib
Oracle EMEA A&C Cloud Adoption & Implementation Consultant

Oracle announced availability of its AI-trained voice with Oracle Digital Assistant. Now, enterprise customers can use voice commands to communicate with their enterprise applications to drive desired actions and outcomes, enriching the user experience with conversational AI, simplifying interactions and improving productivity.

Built on Oracle’s next-generation infrastructure, Oracle Digital Assistant applies AI with deep semantic parsing for natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU) and custom machine learning (ML) algorithms. This combination allows Oracle Digital Assistant to understand a user’s natural conversation, derive intent, produce compositional logical forms, and identify and learn user behavior patterns to proactively act on behalf of the user.

A no-code tool that allows enterprises to build conversational experiences, Oracle Digital Assistant can also integrate with human agent work-flows and business processes without any coding required.


Why Oracle Voice

  • Enterprise customers are asking for voice as a modality in Oracle Digital Assistant
  • Enterprise customers don’t want their data to be sent to public clouds
  • Customers want enterprise specific speech recognition out of the box
  • Customers want to be able to extend the out of the box model with their company specific vocabulary
  • Key part of Oracle’s strategy for conversational AI with Oracle Cloud Apps

Speak.AI Conversational AI Technologies

Originated first as Voicebox technologies, a leading Speech and NLU company selling into the automotive, mobile, IoT and customer markets. Later, was acquired by Nuance but had retained its core technology assets and its top engineers and scientists in a newly formed company called Speak.ai.

Speak.AI is at edge and on the cloud with 3 core technologies:

  • Speech Recognition – DNN Acoustic Models and Hierarchical Language Models
  • NLU – rule-based intent classification, statistical classifiers and deep learning semantic parser with web based APIs
  • AI Services – Seq2Seq semantic parser and Conversational Intelligence Applications

Conversational AI at the Edge

  • Enables Conversational AI on Application Processors, DSPs, SOCs and AI chips
  • Enables wakeword or conversational AI on devices such as headsets, conference phones and industrial IoT
  • Delivers accurate performance with Acoustic Models compressed by 70%

Oracle’s intelligent voice assistant for the enterprise brings conversational AI to new applications by analyzing enterprise-specific and domain-specific vocabulary on which open, and consumer-oriented domain models are not trained on. Oracle Digital Assistant, the only enterprise digital assistant on the market today, makes voice and user interactions more expressive by processing complex queries and deriving intelligence from all available enterprise applications, such as ERP, CRM and HR systems to respond in the context to the request made.

The NLP engines that power today’s traditional messaging-based channels lack the ability to handle highly expressive sentences. Voice interactions, however, enable expressive conversations which require NLP engines to manage much more complex constructs. Linguistic constructs like relative clauses, comparatives, superlatives, negation, anaphora, ordinals, cardinals, superlatives, ellipsis, quantifiers and conjunctions now need to be processed by the NLP engines that require more sophistication than the simple intent classification and slot-filling engines available today.


Strategy for Oracle Digital Assistant with Speak.AI

Create a voice enabled Enterprise Digital Assistant that can enable natural conversations

On-Demand Webcast: Oracle’s New Voice for the Enterprise – Click HERE

Hear Oracle VP Suhas Uliyar describe how Oracle is delivering AI-powered conversations for customers. See comparative demos and Q&A session. On-demand replay is now available.

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