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Persistent storage in Oracle Compute Cloud (IaaS)

Oracle Compute Cloud Serviceoffers a dedicated compute with predictable performance and network isolation.

Rapidly provisioned virtual compute environment to run applications at scale on the Oracle Public Cloud with predictable, consistent performance and network isolation.

There seems to be some inconsistent behaviour of Oracle Compute cloud at the moment, namely it could happen that the storage you create through Create Instance wizard is nonpersistent.

If you see your storage presented to the system as /dev/xvda that's the first hint that your storage might be nonpersistent. So please check that first before you start installing anything, as you might lose your changes if you stop the instance.  

The workaround is simple:

  1. Stop instance orchestration
  2. Download instance orchestration
  3. Change boot order parameter from default boot_order : [ ] to boot_order : [1]
  4. Delete original orchestration and upload the new one

After starting the orchestration, your storage will be presented as xvdb and changes will actually persist.

Other than that, Oracle Compute cloud is really awesome and available at very competitive pricing, actually cheaper as what you'll get at some other cloud providers. An easy way to try it out for free is to get Java Cloud Service trial, which includes Oracle Compute Cloud. I'll write more about in future blog posts, stay tuned.

Instance configuration showing boot_order parameter, which was changed from [ ] to [1]:

When started with the new config, storage is correctly seen as xvdb:

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